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I have been reading the statuses of my Republican friends and listening to their complaints about President Obama winning the presidency, the Democrats retaining the Senate and Democrats picking up seats in the House and I am amazed. What you guys fail to realize is that the country is changing. By 2042, this country will be majority minority. As of this moment, there are more minority babies are being born than non-minority babies. The truth is that when you have a party that is 96% white in a country that is as of today is over 30% minority something is wrong. When you have old men debating the medical rights of women or politicians being bigots in the name of their god something is wrong.

I know some want to blame the candidate and there is some validity to that. But when your party platform goes against the interests of over 30% of Americans, insults the intelligence of and attacks the reproductive rights of 52% of the population, is anti-science, wants to legislate according to their fundamentalist faith, is eager to protect the interests of corporations, is willing to destroy the environment and wants to limit the right of marriage equality to millions of Americans you will always lose. We are a new America. We are an inclusive America. Get with it or suffer the same fate as the Whigs.

Since you guys revel in free markets here is an analogy:
If you are selling a product that people won’t buy, do you blame the consumer? No. You make a better product. Class dismissed.