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In 2015 we were hit with so many beauty trends. Some of them just got on my makeup loving nerves. If you find yourself doing any of the trends below, stop now. They’re out of style. Here are 20 beauty trends that should die a quick and brutal death in 2016.
1. Telling people what to wear.
2. Telling people what they shouldn’t wear.
3. Telling Black women to avoid red lipsticks. (Editor’s note: Red looks stunning on everyone.)
4. Telling people to avoid vivid and bold lipsticks.
5. Men (who are not fashion or makeup experts) telling women anything.
6. Believing people wear makeup or dress for you approval. (Editor’s note: This is complete and utter narcissism.)
7. Believing people need or even want your approval.
8. The darn near obsessive hotep makeup and hair experts. They always come into Black women’s spaces and try to tell us what to do. (Editor’s note: Something is wrong with these people.)
9. The people who always posts pics of fibroids to scare Black women into not relaxing their hair. (Editor’s note: Before believing anything medical on the web, go speak to your doctor instead of internet MDs.)
10. People who think only they can define “natural hair.” (Editor’s note: In their mind if you use soap, water, conditioners, color and any oils including holy oil you are using chemicals and it means you’re not natural. My advice is to ignore them.)
11. Worrying about someone wearing weaves and wigs.
12. Mocking people who use weaves or wigs.
13. Telling people not to wear wigs or weaves.
14. People who go into makeup groups, websites and forums and say, “you look better without makeup.” (Editor’s note: For god’s sake, YOU’RE IN A MAKEUP GROUP!)
15. Trying to shame people who do wear makeup by telling them “I don’t like makeup” or “I don’t wear makeup.” (Editor’s note: Do you want a cookie?)
16. Calling makeup deceptive. (Editor’s note: If you think people are born with blue eye shadow on your schools, friends, parents and common sense has failed you.)
17. Mocking people for using makeup.
18. Mocking people for using inexpensive makeup.
19. Mocking people for using expensive makeup.
20. Being mad when men wear makeup. (Editor’s note: They’re mad because these men look good.)

Those are the beauty trends that must die a quick and brutal death. I do have several questions. If this isn’t your body or your life, ask yourself why do you care. What deep seeded insecurity and issue causes you to worry about what the next person does to themselves? Why do you feel compelled to control another human being? Is it because you lack power and control in your own life? The point is to stop worrying about what the next person does with their body and do you.

Please take my humble advice:
• Do what the heck you want.
• Wear what the heck you want.
• Be and look like whoever you want to be.
• And when you post your fabulous pictures in makeup and hair groups PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let us know what products you used. That is all I ask.
The only limit you have is the one you have placed on yourself. Think and be limitless.

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