The Aaliyah movie in one word F*CKERY! Pure F*UCKERY!

Y’all know I don’t curse but this warranted it. We should have known it was going to be bad from the start considering the colorless, anyone can be Black original actress slated to play her, the fact they didn’t have access to Aaliyah’s music and the most important fact, Aaliyah’s family disapproved. We did Zendaya a favor. She should thank us and send some roses because we protested ole barely Black but Black enough Disney Biracial star’s casting.

If you don’t get it, it was bad. The singing was bad. The sound was bad. The dancing was bad. The acting was bad.  Even the name dropping was bad. Everything was bad. It was church play written and directed by Brother Jenkins bad.  I’d rather tweeze my eyebrows with a rusty dollar store tweezer than recommend this movie. Forget that. I’d rather treat myself to a yeast infection than let someone watch this movie.

The entire time I was wondering why wasn’t I watching Magic Mike. There was one scene where Aaliyah’s father stepped to child predator R. Kelly.  I was waiting for Mother Jenkins get up and say, “hallelujah kick dat nicca’s ass.” That would have been more entertaining than this movie but it didn’t happen. The only thing the movie had going for it was that it was over.

There are some who say her life didn’t warrant this movie. They are right. She deserved better than this. Lifetime do better! Angela Bassett will not mess up Whitney’s story. Maybe Lifetime will let her do a remake of this and I will learn not to waste two hours of my life.