Image via the New York Daily News

This baby, Terrance Allen, saved his mom and her cousin from being choked and beaten by her abusive thug of a boyfriend, Timothy (Mohammad) Pender, 42.  According to the Daily News, “Terrance leaped to the defense of his mother, Tracy Anderson, 35, and her cousin, Kenyetta Parker, 27, Saturday night when Pender turned violent. Cops said the child grabbed a steak knife and thrust it into Pender’s back after he had beaten Anderson and was choking Parker.”

Image via the New York Daily News

Mom said, “I wouldn’t put my son in any danger. I had no idea he had a criminal history. He had a split personality. I thought I knew this person.” But she did! Pender is being charged with second-degree assault charges, one count of misdemeanor third-degree assault and is being held on $25,000 bail.

Now this baby is scared that once Pender comes out of jail he will seek revenge.  Terrance said, “I’m afraid of him coming back,” Terrance told The News. “I’m the only one who got him to jail.”

I blame momma!

God bless this baby but mom put her child in this horrible situation. He should have never had to do this!!!  Does anyone find it quite odd that his mom is living with a man whose criminal record goes back 20 years and she had no clue about it? Dude has 17 convictions. Some include domestic violence! Even worse is that she brought this monster around her baby! Either mom is desperate, selfish, dumb as hell or as I suspect all freaking three.

Let me pass on some of my Nana’s rules. Christ, most folks are lacking common sense because they don’t know better because their parents didn’t teach them better.  So here you go:

First of all never ever, ever, ever  bring your children around men you have no intention of marrying. Just for your child’s safety and their sanity alone. Children need stability and jump off’s/ shack up buddies don’t count. These men are usually the most abusive towards children that are not theirs.

Secondly, if you are in a bad situation, move. Move the heck away. Don’t tell anyone just go. Here is a list of shelters if you cannot afford to move. YOUR child’s life may depend on it. No excuses!

Thirdly, why the hell are women still hooking up with thugs and career criminals? THEY HAVE NO FUTURE!! A 65 year old criminal doesn’t have a retirement plan except going back to prison  or leeching off of you. There are so many beautiful men out there who want to be in a stable relationship. Trolling the local prisons, street corners and night clubs are unacceptable. Let me introduce you to,,,, and others.  USE THEM!

Finally, vet your potential mates.  Some ways to vet your partners:

  • Do a background check using the local court system in your county. You can find most by putting their name in when searching through court dockets. You can access all kinds of cases for free because it public record.
  • Google their name. Look at Facebook or any other posts. Are they hostile or combative online? Imagine how they will be in real life.
  • Look at your potential mate’s family dynamic.
    • Ask about their parents.
    • Meet their parents.
    • Get to know their family.
    • Watch how he and/or his dad treat his mom. That is where he learned it from.
  • Go to their place of worship.
  • Go to their place of work.
  • Meet their friends.
  • Ask your police friends to find out about them.
  • Look at old college photo albums to make sure they are who they say who they are.
  • Look at alumni associations.
  • Ask them about their goals and make sure it jives with what they are telling you.
  • Don’t bring them into your house.
  • Don’t let them call you after a certain time. This lets them know you and your child are to be respected. If they want a jump off there are plenty of easy fish.  You are a diamond. If they don’t respect that move on because they will always disrespect you.
  • When something doesn’t feel right RUN!! That is your instinct, angel, God, spirit guide or whoever telling you to move on.  Trust it. It is only there to protect you.

Folks, find someone with a job and a g-d damn education! An adult doing dumb stuffing is one thing but a dumb ass parent putting their child in a compromising position is a whole level of evil.  You darn right it’s evil. Your responsibility is to your child first. You gave up your me first attitude the moment that child took its first breath. Look, get a life and self esteem. Fix your illness to be with and fix up lowlife’s and find true love inside you first.  Most importantly protect your children!