Lately I have been dealing with the infiltrators and manipulators on my Facebook page and on my blog. I was warned and it was expected. You may be asking yourself why anyone would care about the views of a little old blog from the Mid-south. It is because I and many others challenge false notions of Black female inferiority. We call it for what it is. It is a lie and a myth that others have created to silence, manipulate and control us.

When a Black person especially a Black woman decides to say no mas and challenge the status quo that others benefit from the world shakes. Just look at the reaction to a few of my Facebook posts.  Those who want to silence, manipulate and control us insist that we act against our own interests by remaining silent and continuing  to follow the colonial tradition of submission and worshipping others. Can you name any other group that has been asked to do that? HA!  I can’t.  The reactions to these posts show you how it’s absolutely threatening to see a Black woman proudly assert, stand up for, and claim her womanhood.  The reactions to the posts also make it absolutely imperative that we acknowledge our power and beauty. The scary truth for them is that when Black people at large finally take the red pill and decide to take back our identity from ole slave and plantation master and their overseers we will regain our esteem, power, and true selves.

I am going to tell you the truth. I and others have been called everything but the child of gawd because we are “bold” (in quotes because for me it is common sense) enough to assert our humanity. You should see the comments that you don’t see. Self hate, racism, misogyny and sexism is real and I have plenty of proof  but I have decided not allow most of these comments because their goal is to distract us. Here is the crazy thing.  While the haters as one sister put it (we hate that term but it is applicable here) get riled up we let it roll off like “water off of a ducks back.” They can’t hurt us because we know the truth. The truth is Black women are amazing.

I personally am here to declare that I will not be a mammy. I am the master of my destiny. I will not be your mule. I am focused on myself. I will not be invisible. I am will be heard. I will not coddle those who benefit from my or others oppression.  I am standing up for myself and the blood of the ancient people who have created me. If you do not like it feel free to carry yourself  to somewhere else.  So in response I have created the BBG’s declaration:

  1. I am a proud Black woman.
  2. I am the original woman.
  3. I am a true reflection of god’s/ the creators/ or the first people’s image.
  4. My womb birthed many nations.
  5. I define myself.
  6. Every inch of me is beautiful.
  7. I am intelligent.
  8. I am limitless.
  9. I am fearless.
  10. I am unique.
  11. I am graceful.
  12. I am a creator.
  13. I am an innovator.
  14. I will stand up for myself.
  15. I am amazing.
  16. I will ignore those who challenge these declarations because I know and I see my truth.

Sis, people don’t want you to know these things because many are threatened by it.  So when times get tough or you hear the voices of negativity turn it off. Dust yourself off.  Hold your head high with your shoulders back and your head facing forward toward your goals.  Remember who you are, where you come from and the people who created you.

Stay Bougie and beautiful,