Yes Bougie needs money. I want to be rich and so I need a second gig. No, stripping isn’t an option even though I have been asked. It’s just that I lack the required gun shot wounds and cigarette burns. Plus it’s hard to explain tassels to little ones and of course Mr. Bougie.

Well, I will stick to or Craigslist. Who knew you could  model your feet and make $1,500? Sounds like a thrilling prospect. No?

Foot Model Wanted In Open Toe Heels Only……. ……… …… …Up to $1500 cash - 38 “like the tittle says I am looking for a foot model in open toe heels for fetish work. I will be filming and taking pictures of you, all I am interested in is your knees down, your feet and toes in open toe heels will be the focus of the fetish and project. If you are topless or nude the pay is more, but clothes are optional. Your face will not be used or in the film. If you feel safer, you are welcome to bring anyone you wish to the meeting and audition. Please have a pedicure when we meet. Now, we both know that I will need your pictures to choose whom I will use, I am not collecting pictures, I want to make a movie, so, if you are truly interested please forward me your information along with pictures of your feet, feet in heels, a close up of your toes and your smile, so thats 4 pictures requested. if you do not want to send pictures I understand, but please do NOT contact me if you do not want to send pictures or are not taking this seriously, thank you