Richard Sherman and Justin Bieber

Dear America,

I don’t usually talk about these things. I am a stan for Black women. And I am sure Richard Sherman will have his defenders but I just had to. I couldn’t stand by and be silent about all the hypocrisy going on. Uh, how the hell is Richard Sherman a thug but Justin Bieber isn’t? Here is some background in case you didn’t know.

Richard Sherman with Erin Andrews after the game.

On January 19, 2014, Richard Sherman, a cornerback the Seattle Seahawks had the nerve to go on television after a highly emotional and nail-biting football game and say, “I’m the best corner in the game.” OH THE HORROR!! He did this in response to Michael Crabtree’s sore loser behavior on the field.

Michael Crabtree Slapping Richard Sherman (it occurs at :50)

Apparently the internet didn’t see Michael Crabtree slapping Richard Sherman. They saw what they wanted to see, a scary Black man yelling next to a very White Erin Andrews (she was totally cool about the situation because she is a professional). As expected the cyber racists went nuts. Sherman was called the “n” word by some (see here) and thug by most! First of all, anyone who drops the “n” word is a bonafide sicko. You are a cancer with a diseased mind so I won’t address you. Secondly, this man has never committed a crime. In fact, his only crime according to the racists was being honest about being the best corner in the league who happens to be Black. In case you weren’t watching football all season long this year, HE WAS! A man who was raised by two hard working parents and graduated second in his high school class only to go to Stanford University and graduate and then obtain his masters was thugging on Stanford’s campus? WHATEVER!!!


A google search on 1/24/14

By the way America, did you know that your all American I mean Canadian (well that is American but not as in U.S.A American) pop star, Justin Bieber was arrested for drunk driving, drag racing and resisting arrest? His mother was reported to be the one to give him prescription pills. Oh and prior to that he reportedly peed on a bucket and said “f Bill Clinton. Hey Mr. President!  In case you didn’t know, Bieber has a propensity to spit on people. It is also alleged spat in a neighbor’s face and on his fans. Thug lyfe anyone?

Justin Bieber Spitting on Fans

When I type in thug on Google Images I see mostly Black faces even though a majority of crimes in America are committed by people who do not look like me (69% are White according to the 2012 FBI Uniform Crime Report). Am I surprised? Hell to the no. You see my grandfathers’ went through this at a time when racism was acceptable. Both served in WWII only to come home only to be called “n” word by open racists or “boy” by those White people who were a bit more polite about reminding them of their government endorsed and socially advocated White supremacy. Well the word “thug” is doing the same thing “boy” did. It is a euphemism for the cowards who can’t quite say the “n.” Of course there will be some that will disagree with me. “Denial is not just a river in Egypt” but I saw it during the Trayvon Martin case and other situations and I definitely see it here.

So America, Bieber or Sherman, who is the real thug?