Warning: This is a rant. I’ve had enough and I hope other Black women have had enough too. Move on sis.  Screw what others say or do. Live your life for you.

Happy Woman in Meadow
Dear World,

Leave Black women the hell alone. We get it. You hate Black women. We see and can hear you. We know you hate seeing us thrive while you wallow in your victim-hood on the internet. We know you hate our Blackness but will copy our style and stick foreign objects in your body to get our natural curves. Your imitation, though second rate is quite flattering.

We know you want to control us because you are a failure. You want to erase us because you cannot stand the sight of you. You mock us. You abuse us and mistreat us. You claim no one wants us. You ignore us but want loyalty and depend on us because no one else will help your sorry behind. You stay in our hairlines and try regulating our waistlines while begging the police not regulate your sagging. We see that you are a hypocrite!

When I say no more, you say I am angry. Well, so what? I am human and just like other humans I am allowed to express the full range of human emotions. Now I am loud too loud? So what! It is because I have something to say. All of a sudden I am too sexual or asexual? So what! You are mad because you cannot have any of this. I am too Black? So what! Watch me age gracefully. Is my hair too nappy? So what! I can curl it, straighten it, twist it, color it, grow it, sew it, weave it and fro it. You can’t!  Black women are either too hood or too bougie? So what! A true genius has the ability to communicate on all levels.

We see through your tactics and fake calls of unity. We see your manipulation, misdirection, theft, lies and attempt to distract us from our goals. We all know you are powerless and weak while Black women are powerful, beautiful and brilliant. We all know deep down you admire Black women. In fact, you want to be Black women and are mad because you can’t. Yes friends, we get it. You hate Black women. So what? We already know this. Join the god damn list. Leave us alone, keep watching us thrive and get the hell out of our way.

Sincerely Your Fellow Human,

Bougie Black Girl

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