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Some people believe Black Americans need to boycott businesses because of the injustices against Black Americans. I understand and it is a good idea, but I have an alternative. I believe investment breeds opportunity and in these United States, money is power. So instead of boycotting, why not buy Black and wield that power? Here’s why.

Black Americans have over $1.1 trillion in spending power. That’s more than most nations. When Black people participate in group economics, Black businesses hire Black people. Employed Black people produce Black wealth. Black wealth promotes Black investment and Black investment means a better future for all of us. It is the circle of Black wealth! I am singing it like the Lion King’s “Circle of Life” song. It’s what every other powerful constituency group has done and because of their wealth, they are able to shape public and private policy. It’s our turn to do the same.

Some might say Black people buying from other Black people is racist. Here are some facts. Every month:

  • The Asian dollar circulates for 20 days in their community
  •  The Jewish dollar circulates for 20 days in their community
  • The White dollar circulates for 17 days in their community
  • And sadly, the Black dollar only circulates for  six hours in ours. Sad isn’t it?

So that means every other group buys from each other except Black Americans. It also means unlike other racial groups, Black Americans are willing to buy from other groups. Finally it means the other groups mentioned, don’t buy from Black businesses. So who are the real racists and why can’t Black Americans practice what other groups do?

What’s my solution? This list and it’s a long one. It may not be much, but it’s a start, a chance to support a Black business and to grow Black wealth. This list has a Black owned bank and personal fitness businesses so you can go on Facebook and say the dreaded “new year new me” line. It also has retail, cosmetic companies, travel and tourism businesses and so much more. Some of the links also include discounts for our readers when you click the links below.

One more thing. This promotion to our thousands of readers is absolutely free. I don’t get a thing from this list. No one has paid me. So what do I get out of it? I want to grow Black businesses and Black wealth. Now that we cleared the air and I haven’t violated any FTC laws  I want you to shop and share this list today!

Thank you for your help and for reading. Spread the word. The only limit you have is the one you have placed on yourself. Think and be limitless.

Click the links below to go directly to each category.

Art and Literature Food/Catering/Bakery
Business/Business Development Home Décor
Clothing and Accessories Photography
Cosmetics Personal Development/Parenting
Entertainment Public Affairs Firm
Finance/Insurance/Real Estate Security Firm
Fitness, Health and Wellness Travel and Hospitality


Art and Literature

Afro Phantoms

Ichigo’s New School (Children’s Book)

Nikkey Creative

RGF Exotic Fine Art

Deja Ingram-Lockridge (Artist)

Deja Ingram-Lockridge (Artist)

Business/Business Development

Aver Com Virtual Solutions
(Website & Graphic Design)

Direnzic Technology & Consulting, LLC
(Cyber Security)

Grants Writing Pro
(Grant Writing)

Rachel’s Innovations
(Graphic Design)

Clothing and Accessories

Mo’s Bows
Bow ties

Born Again Couture

Breezy Tee

Isaiah Hemmingway
(Men’s Clothing)

Jade & Serif
(Men and Women’s and Art and Jewelry)

Raina Shaw Clothing
Free shipping until Dec. 1.

Shop First Kiss Boutique



A Leap of Style (Clothing)

Clothing, Jewelry and Accessories

Afro Shine (Clothing & Accessories)


Alma Closet (Clothing)

Jewelry and Accessories

Azteca Negra (Jewelry & Accessories)


Demestiks New York (Clothing)

Gyaru Dupes (Clothing)

Gyaru Dupes (Clothing)

My Lil Big Girl Dresses (Clothing)

My Lil Big Girl Dresses (Clothing)

Love Cortnie (Handbags)

Love Cortnie (Handbags)

Mode and Tonic (Clothing)

Mode and Tonic (Clothing)

Onion (Clothing)

Onion (Clothing)

Rachel Stewart (Jewelry, Art and Accessories)

Rachel Stewart (Jewelry & Accessories)

Roxy Joe Creations (Jewelry and Accessories)

Roxy Joe Creations (Jewelry & Accessories

Talflife (Clothing, Jewelry and Accessories)

Talflife (Clothing, Jewelry & Accessories)

The Beach and Beyond

Todd Patrick Designs (Clothing)

Todd Patrick Designs (Clothing)

Whoa! That’s Bright (Clothing and Accessories)

Whoa! That’s Bright (Clothing & Accessories)

First Kiss Boutique Jewelry & Accessories

First Kiss Boutique (Jewelry & Accessories)


Jewelry and Accessories

Azteca Negra (Jewelry and Accessories)

My Lil Big Girl Dresses (Clothing)

My Lil Big Girl Dresses (Clothing)

Tootie Tutus (Tutus)

Tootie Tutus (Tutus)


Bella Posh Fashion (Women's Clothing)

Bella Posh Fashion (Women’s Clothing)

Candy Bomb (Fashion Tee Shirts)

Candy Bomb (Fashion Tee Shirts)

B' Envied (Women's Clothing & Accessories)

B’ Envied (Women’s Clothing & Accessories)

Hairizon (Beauty Bar)

Hairizon (Beauty Bar)

Kloset Envy (Women's Clothing & Accessories)

Kloset Envy (Women’s Clothing & Accessories)

Nubian Skin (Women's Undergarments)

Nubian Skin (Women’s Undergarments)

Nude Barre (Women's Undergarments)

Nude Barre (Women’s Undergarments)

The Fine Hanger (Women's Clothing & Accessories)

The Fine Hanger (Women’s Clothing & Accessories)

Very Prissy (Jewelry and Accessories)

Zuvaa (Women's Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry & Accessories)

Zuvaa (Women’s Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry & Accessories)

CoraVirgin Hair & Beauty Supply (Beauty Supply)

Cora Virgin Hair & Beauty Supply (Beauty Supply)

Mys Elegance Boutique

LaBarrie Littles (Children's Clothing Embroidery)

LaBarrie Littles (Children’s Clothing Embroidery)

Mi Nudes (Shapewear)

Mi Nudes (Shapewear)

Love Kari Dae (Women's Clothing)

Love Kari Dae (Women’s Clothing)

Something by Sonia (Women's Clothing)

Something by Sonia (Women’s Clothing)

MBellish By Char Mega (Jewelry)

MBellish By Char Mega (Jewelry)

Purplesnood (Snoods)

Purplesnood (Snoods)

Laila Rose (Women's Accessories)

Laila Rose (Women’s Accessories)

Urban Prestige ( Women's Clothing & Accessories)

Urban Prestige ( Women’s Clothing & Accessories)


Amazing Botanicals

Amazon Rain Hair Essentials

Ashley’s Naturals

Astarté Cosmetics

Beautie Brownie

Body Decor Boutique

Body Eclectic Skin Care

Colored Raine

Cream & Coco

Dalynn Cosmetics

Emma’s Naturals


Henna Sooq

Itiba Beauty

Koils by Nature

Kolour Conscious
(Women’s and Men’s)

Le’Face Salon

Lia Naturals

Lip Addyct

Mary Kay Tara Golden

Mr Indian Hair

CARA B Natural Products (For Children)

Natty Naturals
(Men’s and Women’s)

Nyrah Ju Skincare


Thank God I’m Natural

Vault Cosmetic

AJ Crimson Beauty

AJ Crimson Beauty

Alikay Naturals



Anointed Hands 4U Hair Products

Aroma Stories

A Maven’s World

As I Am Naturally

Aularale Skin care and Cosmetics

B.L.A.C. Minerals Cosmetics

Beauty Bakerie

Beobeam Natural Hair and Body Products

Bevel Mens (Shaving)

Big Chop Hair Extensions

Big Girl Cosmetics

Bluffajo Cosmetics

Bluffajo Cosmetics

Barbara Walden Cosmetics

Bronner Brothers

Bovanti Cosmetics & Spa

Cake Cosmetics

Calming Obsession

Camille Rose Naturals


CoraVirgin Hair & Beauty Supply (Beauty Supply)


Curlkit Curly by Nature

Created Coily

Design Essentials

Dudley Beauty

Dragonfly Lake Scents

Earth’s Nectar Skin and Hair Care

Ebony Sun Butters

Entwine Naturalle Couture

Eden BodyWorks

E’Tae Natural Products

Fashion Fair

Ginger + Liz

Glam Hair Depot

Hairizon (Beauty Bar)

Honey Cosmetics


I Make You Beautiful

Im Inspired Beauty

Iman Cosmetics

Jane Carter Solution

Jay Jill Cosmetics

Johnson Products

Joy Lorraine Cosmetics

K Louise Boutique Salon

KA’OIR Cosmetics

Karen’s Body Beautiful

Kimo Bentley

LaBella Body Care (Men)

Lamik Beauty

Lawrence Ray Concepts

Laws of Nature Cosmetics

Luster Products

LUV Mineral Cosmetics

Magnolia Makeup

Makellos Nails

Mahogany Naturals

Mixed Chicks

MDM Flow

Miss Jessie’s

Mocca Cosmetics

Naturalicious Haircare

Naturally Smitten

Nubian Heritage

Obia Natural Haircare

Oyin Handmade

Pampered & Twisted Natural Hair Product Boutique

Plain Jane Beauty

Pnk Digger (Cosmetics Company)

Polish My Life

Polish & Company

Purgasm Shop

Qhemet Biologics

Rapunzel the Future of Hair

REVEL by Julian Lark

Sacha Cosmetics

Scented Lizard

Shades of Afrika

Shea Moisture

Sheeq Cosmetics

Sistah Butters


Spectrum Cosmetics Lab Inc.

Soul Purpose

Taliah Waajid

Tendrils and Curls

The Bernadette Thompson Nail Collection

The Chandler’s Rose

The Lip Bar

The Mane Choice

The Roots Naturelle

Tru Kream Cosmetics

TMG Hair Premium Extensions

Trebella Wigs

Tyra Beauty

Vera Moore Cosmetics

Victoria’s Virgin Hair

Zandra’s Beauty (Cosmetics)

Komplexx Blends

Tish’s Brazilian Bundles



Ashunta Sheriff (Celebrity Makeup Artist)

Ashunta Sheriff (Celebrity Makeup Artist)

Hair stylist and Professional Makeup Artist

Everything by Cee (Hair stylist and Pro MUA)

Makeup Avi (Pro MUA) 843 518 8802

Makeup Avi (Pro MUA)

Pnk Digger (Cosmetics Company)

Pnk Digger (Cosmetics Company)

Zandra’s Beauty (Cosmetics)

Zandra’s Beauty (Cosmetics Company)

Finance/Insurance/Real Estate

Alamo Insurance

Equity Lauren (Real Estate)
[email protected]

One United Bank

Real Estate Development Project Resources


XtraOrdinary D.J. Services
(North Carolina)

Fitness, Health and Wellness

Kholen Academy Group Fitness & Sports Training
(Personal Training)

Black Kids Swim

Fire Fitness
(Online and Offline Personal Training)
[email protected]

Heritage Optical

Inductor of Healing
(Massage Therapy Chicago Area)

Lavish Life Fitness
(Chicago Area Massage Therapy)

Nutritionist Danielle Smiley (NDS)


Bee Sweet Lemonade (kid entrepreneur)

J Monet Creations (NYC)

The Tasty (Bakery)

The Tasty Trend (Bakery) Will ship out of state

Home Décor

Designs by Renee


Rava J Images

Personal Development/Parenting

Angry Deva’s

Our Parenting Spot

Skylark Spirit
(Get 50% off with coupon code EGGCELLENT50)

Public Affairs Firm

3K1A Strategies

Security Firm

Platinum Safe Security LLC

Travel and Hospitality

Nomadic Euphoria
(Travel Agent)

Nubianne Travel Club
(International Travel Planning)

Tene and Yvonne’s AirBnB
(Our readers receive $25 off when you click the link)

Up in the Air Life
(Tour Company)

Black Travel Magazines and Blogs

Travel Noire, Soul of America, Black Girl Travel, Path FindersI Luv 2 Globe Trot, The Sophisticated Life, Entrée to Black Paris, (im)migrating with a purpose and Haitist.”

Travel Agencies: Black “American Society of Travel Agents”

Hotels: National Association of Black Hotel Owners, Operators and Developers list of Black owned hotels. The list includes over 140 Black-owned hotels in Africa, the Caribbean, and in the United States. The hotels prices range from budget friendly to luxury properties.

Bed and Breakfasts: African American Association of Inn Keepers International.


African American Owned, operated and managed golf courses in the United States (African Americans Golfers Digest)

Black Owned Golf Courses (Black Golf Clubs)

Black owned wineries (Cuisine Noir)

National Association of Black Scuba Divers

Black Cruise Week

National African American RVer’s Association, Inc.

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