Forum page

I am so excited to announce that your forum will launch tonight.

You are probably wondering why do we need a forum since there are other social media sites. Black women need a safe space where we will thrive. That means no trolls, racists or misogynistic types. We promise to protect you from the harassment other social media companies won’t. Your forum will be $9.99 per year. Your $9.99 will cover the costs the maintenance and weed out those who are not serious.

What do you get from your forum? Exclusive content, benefits and opportunities very few forums promise to offer. We provide safe spaces, a sisterhood of like-minded Black women who will support each other and online training and webinars that will help meet your goals. Some of the content includes money management, how to write a kick-ass resume, safety & leadership training and lessons specifially tailored for Black women. Those are just a few.

Are you ready for a space that is exclusively yours? Are you ready to thrive? Well, stick with us and you will. I can’t wait. Thank you so much for your continued support and love. Let’s kick 2015’s butt.