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I apologize for not blogging. Last week I became a widow.

Dear friends, Please forgive me for not blogging. I’m sure you have questions. Sadly my husband of 14 years, Joseph, our family’s provider and protector

May 08, 2016 Family
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23 awesome tips to help you survive your crazy a$$ family cookout

By BBG and La Femme Negrita It is summer time. Tis the season for cookouts, fighting relatives, and family friendly mayhem. This is the time

July 04, 2015 Culture, Family
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These Parental Shaming Videos Need to Stop (Video)

Lately we have seen a new trend in parenting where parents are now shaming their kids online. Well I’ve had enough. I complain about parental

June 10, 2015 Culture, Family
An african american student ready for school. Education, learning 3

Free-range parenting: Middle class kids are walking home from school alone and folks are mad!

A few days ago I read a post that said parents were being investigated because their children were walking home alone from school. People call

April 25, 2015 Colorism, Family
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Your forum for Black women launches tonight at 8:00 pm Est. BE THERE!!

I am so excited to announce that your forum will launch tonight. You are probably wondering why do we need a forum since there are

January 01, 2015 Family
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Black women why are some of us the masters of self-sabotage?

Black women, I don’t get it. I don’t get it. I don’t get it. Why are some of us masters of self-sabotage?  From thinking it

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Tip of the day: Black women beware of dream killers! Protect your dreams!

Beware of dream killers and protect your dreams! Who are our dream killers? Sisters our dream killers could be the same people who love us. They could

November 15, 2014 Career and Business, Family
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Black women beware of the Black women’s cult of perpetual suffering and bad choices

Black women and girls beware, beware, beware. Beware of the Black women’s cult of perpetual suffering and bad choices. There is a small but vocal

November 04, 2014 Culture, Family
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So my teenage relative posts on social media that she wants a baby. Here is my response to her…

This post isn’t representative of everyone’s experience but this is what I saw. This post is not PC or idealistic because it is meant to be

October 24, 2014 Culture, Family
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Dear Black America, I am a Black mom who doesn’t believe in spanking.

This is in response to some people justifying Adrian Peterson beating his four year old child with a switch. He has been charged, indicted and released on

September 13, 2014 Family
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