Beware of dream killers and protect your dreams!

Who are our dream killers?

Sisters our dream killers could be the same people who love us. They could be our family, friends and colleagues.  They are the ones who question your motives, the timing of your goals or ask “are you sure” about your goals. Dream killers are the ones who want to “protect” your feelings. They don’t want you to “get your hopes up” or “get hurt.” They are the ones who make smart comments or backhanded compliments when you mention your goals.

Why do they want to kill your dreams?

Look, it is not that they don’t want you to fulfill your dreams. Most do. It’s their selfishness. Either they are jealous of you or they are afraid of being left behind and forgotten because you are no longer their “peer.” It could be both.

Sisters, success changes you for better or to them, for worse.  Success changes your perspective, the choices you make, the new opportunities you receive, your access to wealth, health and social circles. That is reality. It is not your fault that your dream killers are threatened. It is theirs.

How do you deal with dream killers?

You need to sit down with your dream killers and give them two choices. Don’t waiver because you love them. Either they get on board with your success or sadly get left behind. That is it. You have to end it right there because they will continue to tear you down in the most loving way possible if you let them, until your dream is dead. The expected outcome is if you don’t achieve your goals, your dream killers will openly wonder why you didn’t succeed when you had the chance; forgetting the role you, yes you allowed them to play. Sister if they can’t get with the program you can still love them but keep that part of your life to yourself. The choice you have to make is to let them kill your dream or not. I suggest the latter. Keep on living your life and fulfilling your dreams.

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Remember the only limit you have is the one you have placed on yourself. So think, know and be limitless.