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We’ve all done it. We’ve shared too much info on social media or had fruitless arguments on the net. It is perfectly normal. Well there is a new trend. I’ve seen people get fired for their personal opinions. People will hunt down your employers and tell them how you feel about an issue. Some might say I am wrong for telling you this because the targets are usually bad guys. Yes, that might be the case, but it’s a slippery slope. Someone’s bad guys might be someone else’s hero. It all is a matter of perspective. To protect yourself, here are eight things you should do on social media to avoid getting fired today:

  1. Keep your personal profile private. Lock down your Twitter and of course lock down your Facebook page. Now if you really want to protect your account on Facebook, make sure your profile is not searchable. Go to your privacy settings and lock it down. Think about creating two profiles. Have one that is professional and another that’s personal. Say safe things on the professional profile and say how you really feel on your personal one.
  2. Don’t use your work computer for personal stuff. Your employers track everything you do on their computers. Let me repeat that. They track everything you do on THEIR computers. I wouldn’t want employers to know about my unhealthy obsession with Naruto Shippuden. #teamNarutoHinata Why would you want them to know how you really feel about controversial issues? Especially when it runs counter to their business.
  3. Avoid listing your employer on your social media profile. If people don’t like what you have to say they will contact your employer and you will get fired. We’ve seen this with racists, sexists and other bigots. Sadly, people are now targeting people just because they disagree with your opinion. One guy threaten to contact my employer because I said African-Americans face racism in the United States. He called me a racist for pointing out racism. Typical of the reptilian brain. Well I told him to contact my employer and of course gave him my name. BOOOYAHHH!
  4. Be smart about what you say. Again, people will contact your employer. You’re probably thinking, “what about free speech?” The biggest myth in social media is believing they are protected by free speech. This is why civics needs to be taught in school. Freedom of speech protects you from government limiting your speech. It doesn’t protect you from getting fired. An employer has every right protect their self-interests by letting you go if you go against their reputation and of course hurt their cash flow.
  5. Don’t friend coworkers or supervisors on social media unless you plan to keep your profile professional. Why? Everything you say can and will be used against you on your reviews and even when they decide to layoff staff. Please, please, please read, “Why no employee should never ever, ever friend a manager/employer on social media.”
  6. Employers are now searching profiles. If you are looking for a job or even a promotion and if the choice is between you and another candidate, it might come down to your profile, profile pictures and even friends. If your profile is searchable (which it shouldn’t be) make sure every single thing you say is positive. If people don’t know you, they only can go by what they see. If there are pictures of you passed out drunk on the street, make them private or even better, take them down.
  7. Stop talking about your personal life. The Facebook is not your therapist. It is a way to connect with people, grow your business, etc. I am a member of an unnamed group that’s public. I can’t tell you how many times people shared extremely personal information. I’ve seen cheaters confess, pictures of folks unmentionables, and people fight online over a do nothing jack ass that played them both.  People forget everything you say on the internet stays on the internet forever, FOREVER, FOREVER, FOREVER! So your employers may see it on a search and your future children may see your ass shots. Honestly, if you feel compelled to share your experience, join a private group or make your stuff private.
  8. Stop arguing on the net. I made this mistake. I discussed my personal decision not to do drugs and why my husband and I decided not to have children we couldn’t afford. I was slammed for sharing. (See #7) Odd right. I wasn’t telling others what to, even though it’s common sense. I was sharing my experience. People were offended by my personal choices. MY CHOICES! This goes back to not talking about your personal life. I found it ironic that the people were offended by my choices had no problem with their followers threatening my life and calling me all kinds of names. Typical! The mistake I made was fighting back. Not the name calling kind of defense, but explaining my perspective. They didn’t want to hear that. They wanted someone to lash out at because my choices offended them. What did I gain? Nothing! I wasted two-hours of my life arguing with people who got their jollies off of threatening people when I could’ve been with my family, watching football or getting my hair done.
  9. Don’t talk about how much you hate your job especially if you’ve friended coworkers or supervisors. You’ll be fired as soon as you hit post. Trust me someone will run and tell. Keep it to yourself or tell someone on offline.

Be smart and aware online. Protect your reputation and your identity. Remember the block button works.

What do you think?

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