Guest post by Sherry Gay-Dagnogo, M.Ed.
Candidate for Representative for Detroit’s 8th House District.
Sherry Gay-Dagnogo, M.Ed.,

Sherry Gay-Dagnogo, M.Ed.,

I am grateful for the thousands of courageous African American pioneers that will be honored in many classrooms during Black History Month. However, I believe our ideals and actions should honor them 365 days a year. Perhaps my thinking is a bit unorthodox, but as a community organizer I am more connected to the possibility of a movement in which everyone has a responsibility to honor those before us with our gifts, talents, and resources to improve our community, than the pedestal we place African American leadership on today.

While exemplary presentation, excellence, and respect for hierarchy is important, the concept of relying on the kings and queens model in leadership is a thing of the past. We need fighters, rank and file, taking their rightful place to organize against injustice.  It is my earnest prayer that my life, and the life of my peers, in some way reflect a greater consciousness and honor the sacrifices of our forefathers and mothers. Perhaps vision, and focus requires temporary isolation, but the end result must set forth collective good for democracy, justice, and equality! That’s what I want my life to mean.

Sherry Gay-Dagnogo, M.Ed.,

Sherry Gay-Dagnogo, M.Ed.

Sherry Gay-Dagnogo, M.Ed., has been hailed as a hybrid Education Advocate, Community Activist, accomplished Motivational Speaker and published writer in the city of Detroit. Sherry is a noted academician, with a B.S. in Education and M.Ed. in Instructional Technology from Wayne State University. With more than two decades of combined experience working with the Detroit City Council, as a community organizer, and leadership as a Detroit Public School science teacher, gives her an unparalleled approach to spark change in Detroit’s educational and political landscape. She is a member of Greater Grace for more than 35 years, the mother of one Jordan, 2011 graduate of Cass Technical High School, currently attending South Carolina State University. Sherry Gay-Dagnogo is a candidate for Representative for Detroit’s 8th House District’s open seat. For more information on Sherry Gay-Dagnogo, please visit her websites at www.Dagnogo4Detroit.comand or you can follow her on Twitter at @DetroitEducator and on Facebook at Sherry Gay-Dagnogo For State Rep-Dist 8 page.