Kevin Hart
#handsdown Light-skinned women usually have better credit than a dark-skinned woman…Broke as dark hoes…Lol

Dark skinned women take a punch @ da face better than light-skinned women…u soft as yellow b–ches…lol

“I’m not a political guy. I don’t really deal with Democrats or Republicans. I don’t find that funny,” he tells Playboy’s June issue. “And I don’t talk about the gay community, be it male or female. No thank you! It’s such a sensitive subject. I’ve seen comics get into serious trouble by joking about gay people. It’s too dangerous. Whatever you say, any joke you make about the gay community, it’s going to be misconstrued. It’s not worth it.”

But, the Real Husbands Of Hollywood star isn’t afraid to rock the boat when it comes to light-skinned vs. dark-skinned women.

Defending his jokes, Kevin says, “That was just me being silly on Twitter, playing on a trending topic. Some people were offended by it, but that’s always a risk with comedy. Nobody’s going to find everything funny. I didn’t feel I had to apologize for something that was misconstrued and taken out of context. I have no ill will toward women, not dark-skinned women, not light-skinned women. I was just being silly. I’m a comedian. Being silly is my job; it’s how I pay my bills.”

Bossip reported that during an interview with Kevin Hart,  Hart said he will not make jokes about gay people because, “it’s too dangerous” but it’s OK to make fun of Black women because, “being silly sis my job; it’s how I pay my bills.” Get the heck out of here!

Any Black woman who continues to support this pint-seized self-hating leprechaun negro needs psychological help. Yes, you need help!!! Why would any mentally healthy individual voluntarily support someone who says they hate you? Would you shop at a store where the owner calls Black people n***ers? NO!! Then why they hell are you supporting him.

Black Men in the Entertainment Industry who have dissed Black Women that Black Women still support!!!(((WARNING: Laced with madness, the stupid, profanity, and hella colorism)))

Part Deuce: Black Men in the Entertainment Industry Who Have Dissed Black Women That Black Women Still Suppor

Now Black women I am putting the onus on you. WHAT WILL IT TAKE?  How many times do these negros have to tell you they hate you? How many times do they have to tell you they don’t value you? He told you he would rather make fun of you than another group and this mofo is BLACK?

You know what sis. I don’t blame him. As long as you go to his shows and watch his movies you are complicit in and justifying his colorism and misogyny against you. So what the heck are you going to do?