When Black women called out Pharrell for his lack of a Black appearing woman on his cover called “Girls” what did he do? He dumped the original Marilyn Monroe cover that featured him with a White Blonde and replaced it with a visibly Black woman. By the way, he white washed the Marilyn video so I say reject him anyway.  But still sisters, that is power.

You see we have much more power thank you know. Here are some facts.

  • There are more Black women then there are Black men.
  • Black women run the majority of the households in Black America.
  • Black women are employed at a higher rate than Black men.
  • Black women control the wealth in the Black community.

So without your money these misogynist entertainers would go broke. That is the truth. Read more about the statistics here.

Do you see women of different racial groups tolerating daily humiliation by their male counterparts? Nope. They know their worth.  Do you see women of other racial groups tolerating colorism and misogyny in entertainment and in their culture? Nope. Well guess what? You don’t have to either.

We can say no mas. If an entertainer wants your money hold them accountable. If they disrespect you don’t support them and let them grow broke. If some fool is telling you, you have to support them because they are Black please remind them that, that loyalty ended 30 years ago when they decided to call you a bitch and hoe for profit. You see, when you do hold them accountable you win.

You are powerful. You are a force. You can reject negative images. You control the wealth. You have the fastest growing number of businesses in the United States. You are limitless. You can shape your image. You have the largest percentage of people in post-secondary schools so embrace it.  Own your power and make it work towards your advantage.