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“Take care of your health. Mental, physical, and spiritual. Like your life depends on it.”  ~ Mo’Nique

Many people believe weight loss is about 80% diet and 20% exercise. It’s not. Weight loss is incredibly personal and 100% mental.

Weight loss is not about attracting a man or looking good in a dress. It’s about taking responsibility for and loving ourselves. Worrying about attracting a partner or putting on that hot outfit clothing is kind of like putting the cart before the horse and the hay too. Until we get to the reasons why so many of us gain weight everything else is meaningless. I am not just talking eating. Let’s focus on what is eating you

Eating is a coping mechanism that camouflages the real problem. The problem is that Black Women deal with stressors other groups don’t. For example, in the United States 70% of all Black families are headed by a single mother, throw in unequal pay, racism, misogyny, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, parental abandonment, violence in the homes and in the community, lack of time, economic and emotional stressors, having to care for sick and fully functional adults and other things and we have our reasons why.

I cannot speak for others but I can speak for myself. I am an emotional eater. When I am happy I eat junk. When I am sad I eat junk. Heck, when I am bored I eat junk. For me it was a learned behavior from a traumatic childhood. What was really eating me was my poor coping skills and hella stress. I used food as my comfort. It couldn’t put me down or reject me. And honestly there are times that I still do. But food could not love me the way I needed to love myself. It’s not until I made the mental choice to lose the heavy burdens in my life the weight came off too. Now I ask myself am I eating junk because I am hungry or because I am sad, happy or bored.

Everyone knows ostracizing and criticizing doesn’t work. Neither does self pity or defeatist attitudes. What does work is accepting that we are human. Learning to forgive ourselves and others. Learning to accept ourselves and getting rid of the dysfunctional martyrdom strong Black woman mentality. Accepting that we are the only one responsible for our lives. Once we do those things, we will take the first step towards physical, emotional, and mental self actualization and freedom. And with all of that, comes optimum health.

So if you are a fit sister encourage your sister if she wants it. Let her know why you decided to get fit and how you did it. And if you are a sister who wants some encouragement reach out to a sister who is fit. Ask her how she did it and why she continues to do so. If you can’t find someone join a support group or take walks with friends. “Effort big or small is always rewarded.” It can be done. Let’s get healthy together. We can do this.

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Remember a revolution always begins between two ears. Start your revolution today. ~ BBG