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Happy Holidays!

Hey y’all,

First of all I want to thank you for being here and supporting Bougie Black Girl. It’s been one heck of a year. We’ve talked about wealth, career, goals, hoteps, business, Hollyweird and all kinds of great and sometimes strange things. Through it all, you’ve been here.  For that, I am truly honored. My goal at Bougie Black Girl in 2016 is to continue to improve the lives of Black women and with your support, I will.

Today get a gift for yourself. That gift is self-awareness. I want you to see how are amazing, beautiful, brilliant and wonderful you really are. Don’t believe me? Write down five great things about yourself. Next, write down your goals, how you will achieve those goals and then set some flexible dates.  Finally, believe you will achieve them. When you do, great things will happen. See I told you, you’re amazing.

One more thing. I want to wish you and family and very happy holidays and a happy new year. May 2016 be the year all of your dreams come true! Remember, the only limit you have is the one you have placed on yourself. Think and be limitless. Thanks again. Let’s kick 2016’s behind.

Happy Holidays!!!!


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