The gorgeous Naomi Campbell. Model and business woman

Nothing makes me angrier than Black women buying into the race based looks hierarchy. You know that gosh darn totem pole. When I hear people, and it’s mostly Black people say “Black Women are at the bottom of the totem pole” it’s like hearing Freddy Kruger’s nails on a chalkboard.  I want to beat some self-pride in them with a stupid stick. Instead of getting violent, I am about to do my duty and set that totem pole on fire. Then I will extinguish it from your mental Rolodex.

First of all let me explain what a totem pole is. According to Merriam-Webster totem pole is:
“1 : a pole or pillar carved and painted with a series of totemic symbols representing family lineage and often mythical or historical incidents and erected by Indian tribes of the northwest coast of North America. 2 : an order of rank:hierarchy.”


Alek Wek is a model and a business woman who is gorgeous!

The race-based beauty totem pole is nothing more than an artificial social construct created by people to benefit themselves. Meaning it’s not real. It’s man made, and there is no scientific basis behind it. Think about it. If you live in Europe, the America’s or places that dealt with European imperialism and white supremacy you will probably live in a society that recognizes eurocentric features. If you don’t live in these places, your culture’s standards of beauty are probably different. Their beauty standards will reflect their society.

Think about it this way, if you live in a society where your culture is the dominant culture wouldn’t you promote your image first and foremost? That is what White Americans and Europeans are doing. What fool, if they had the chance wouldn’t promote themselves first unless they have serious self-esteem issues or have the modesty of Mother Theresa.


Actress Nia Long is gorgeous!

Have you heard the statement that if someone says a lie many times they will eventually believe it is true? That is what is happening now. That is all the racial beauty totem pole is. It is a lie. A big, and ugly lie. It is a lie to promote White supremacy. A lie to keep you in your place and out of the game of life. A lie to keep you from competing for jobs, wealth, resources and happiness. Remember, that just because Black women happen to live in a Eurocentric society, it does not mean our Afrocentric features aren’t beautiful. They are. We must create our spaces to acknowledge them.

One more thing. WE ARE NOT INFERIOR! We are not on the bottom unless YOU believe you are. So stop saying it. Black women are beautiful, intelligent, and amazing.  We come in every shape, size, and color. We are from every corner of this globe and speak many languages. We are the original daughters of Eve and a reflection of her beauty. So do me and most importantly yourself a favor. Love yourself and embrace your Black beauty.  If you are religious,”God don’t make ugly” and neither did our parents. Today take a moment to look in the mirror and appreciate god’s/nature’s creation. Appreciate and love YOU!

Remember a revolution always starts between two ears.  Start yours today. - BBG

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