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Dear Black women,

Here is some unsolicited advice. Heck to the yes! YOU BETTA JUDGE! When it comes to any partner, women, especially Black women cannot afford to be nice or not judge. You see the wrong partner can ruin our lives with struggle, poverty, abuse or heart-break. We all know one woman who hooked up with the wrong partner and it ruined her life. We’ve also seen a partner ruin a woman’s life and then blame her for letting them. We won’t let that happen to you, because we’re honest.

I can already hear the “don’t judge” build-a-man crowd is crying now. Y’all are going to call me mean, angry or whatever. So what! This is real life. Unlike you, I just want the best for my sisters and deep down you know I’m telling the truth.

You see the truth is Black women don’t have the safety net other women have. And we sure as heck aren’t protected like other women are. For the same jobs we don’t make as much as other women do. We are the last hired and the first hired. We’re already dealing with racism and misogyny; we don’t need anything else like a screwed up partner and drama on our plate. We literally can’t afford not to be picky. So sis you better judge like hell. YEP, judge like a mother. Judge how they look, act, speaks and everything else. Ask yourself if this is the quality, yes quality of human being you want to spend your life or mix your DNA with? If not, be wise. Please make sure pick the best person for you. You life, your children or potential children (for those who want children) and  your quality of life depends on it.

Thanks for reading. Share this with someone who needs it. We all know someone who does and let me know what you think. The only limit you have is the one you have placed on yourself. Think and be limitless.

Love always,

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