I did something I always wanted to do. I wrote a book.  I wrote “Change Your Mind Change Your Destiny” specifically for Black women.

Unlike other books written for Black women, “Change Your Mind, Change Your Destiny” does not tell Black women that they are supposed to be miserable. It does not talk down to Black women or tell Black women what they are doing wrong. “Change Your Mind, Change Your Destiny” is about Black women living the life they are destined to live - a successful and fulfilling life.

Like this blog, “Change Your Mind, Change Your Destiny” is direct and to the point. No fluff or misogyny allowed! Using my life as an example, I provide step-by-step ways on how to create goals and use concrete plans to achieve them. If any Black woman wants to change her mind and her destiny within a short period, this book is for her.

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Kisha aka Bougie Black Girl