Pretty woman portrait

Dear Sister,

Once again we are getting hit with another wave of antiBlack woman propaganda. I want to counter it and let you know you are beautiful, smart, creative and absolutely amazing.

There those who want to limit us because of our hue. They tell us we can’t accomplish a goal because of our skin color. Well our skin isn’t a symbol of struggle and pain.We are not shackled to the wills of naysayers and those who stir in their boiling pot of misery. Our skin does not mean we are doomed  and chained to a life of martyrdom, mammyism, disrespect, poverty, second class treatment and despair because we are Black women. Those are lies to keep us in a position of financial, spiritual, emotional, physical and mental fear, helplessness, dependence, poverty, weakness, submissiveness and subservience.

I want to tell you, like everyone else you deserve a life of happiness, health and wealth. It starts with establishing and maintaining your high standards, boundaries and goals. You have to decide you are worthy of them. That’s it.

Look, you are better than just good enough. You are awesome and you deserve the best. Forget what others say and do you. Love always

Your sister,