Guest post by Angeline Lawrence

Becoming a power player in the game of office politics takes strategy, a good ear and lots of prayer. I learned how to navigate through office politics without being labeled as the “yes woman” or the “kiss-up to the boss” employee. Conversely, I earned the label as the “Angry Black Woman” in the office because I asserted myself by expressing my opinion when there were major problems on projects regardless of the position of my superiors. Some people applauded me, but others avoided me.  I had to learn how to deal with conflicts differently without being upset and emotional, because it was exhaustive.

As an entrepreneur, I had to learn that being the “Angry Black Woman” in the room can be a deal breaker. So, I adjusted my strategy, and as a result, became a power player and the “get it done” person without an ego.

The following five steps can transform you and open up a new world of possibilities:

  1. Cool-off Quickly: Step back from the situation and acknowledge your emotions. It is ok if you are upset. Go to a quiet place and release your frustrations and then get back into the game.
  2. Instant Reply: Take a moment to identify the source of conflict. Learn how to work with the individuals that do not share your project approach.
  3. Release and Forgive: Forgiveness applies to everyday life and it liberates you from the heaviness of the situation. You must not take any of it personal and keep your mind free of negative thoughts. Forgiveness opens you up to be creativity and to think objectively to solve the conflicts.
  4. A word of Prayer: The favor and wisdom of the Creator beats any self-help or business book. Always prayer before going into the office and major meetings. God will download wisdom and insight in the midst of a meeting.
  5. Always move strategically: Choose your battles wisely and provide solutions to anticipated problems. Stay clear of petty conflicts.

Angeline Lawrence, founder of Entrepreneur Exchange Group, LLC is an author, speaker and content development consultant. She is working on her first book, “Working Woman’s Guide to Winning - Defeat Satan at his Own Game While Living with Integrity,”which will be released the spring of 2014. Visit her website at for more information.

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