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I hate to see parents treat their Black daughters like the hired help. She is serving everyone while others sit on their ass.

Without realizing it, you’re training your daughter to be a mammy or a maid. She is cooking, cleaning, washing and serving everyone but herself. She is inheriting the typical toil and struggle mule mentality. Yes, she needs to know basic skills, but so do our sons. It’s unfair that the burdens of housework and childcare  are put on our daughters because of traditional gender based and racial servitude beliefs.

Look, if you have sons and/or a partner use them. If you need a sitter, cook or cleaner hire one. If you can’t afford one, get a relative or a neighbor. I am not asking you to raise a brat. I am asking you to raise a child that feels entitled to a full and well-rounded life. Give her a chance to learn grace, poise, elegance, her identity and her own brand of femininity. Pamper her. Get her hair and nails done. Take her shopping. Ask her about her hopes, dreams and goals. Listen to her. Tell her how beautiful she is. Organize a tea party. Just do something! My thing was riding a BMX dirt bike with a skirt on and beating boys in races, but I digress. Just let her be her. Let her be a child.

Black women already struggle with our own definition of femininity and society’s views, why contribute to it? If you really want the best for our daughters, let our little girls be princesses so they can blossom and reign as queens.

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