sell outI am tired of hearing that so and so are sellouts or Uncle Toms because they voted for a political party. Let me let you in on a little secret. Both corporate owned gangs, I mean political parties, are funded by the same people and corporations.

Everyone wants to point to political affiliation but I believe they are wrong. People vote their interests. Even if you disagree with them, like you, they have the right to vote as they choose without having to explain it. This is what kills me about the sellout and Uncle Tom accusations. We are quick to label someone who disagrees with our politics as a “sell ut” or “Uncle Tom” but we fail to see that we all want the same things. We all want a wonderful community, with great schools and a chance to achieve and live out our own dreams. The difference between so called left and right is that we just go about it in different ways. So who are the real sell outs?

  1. Sellouts and Uncle Toms are the drug dealers who sell poison to kids.
  2. They are the gang members who terrorize our streets and schools.
  3. Sellouts and Uncle Toms are the violent criminals.
  4. They are the perpetual litter makers who create children they cannot afford.
  5. They are the child abandoners who refuse to provide for their children.
  6. They are the people who pollute our natural resources and neighborhoods.
  7. The sellouts and Uncle Toms are the people who sell financial products for banks and other firms that are aimed at ripping off Black consumers.
  8. Sellouts and Uncle Toms are the preachers and activist who charge people who have faced injustice in exchange for their “services.”
  9. Sellouts and Uncle Toms are the pastors who demand 10% of income from church members in an impoverished community without giving something back to that community.
  10. Sellouts are people who refer to other Black people as n’s and b’s.
  11. Uncle Toms and sellouts are those who equate Blackness with negativity.
  12. Sellouts and Uncle Toms are the sexists, misogynists, homophobes and bigots.
  13. Sellouts and Uncle Toms are colorsist and internalized racist who hate Blackness.

Those people are the real sellouts and Uncle Toms.

Let’s stop looking at each other through the left and right prism that isn’t even ours. Your conservative sister or brother is not your enemy. Your liberal sister or brother is not your enemy. We have a lot more in common that we do differences. The enemies of Black people are those who seek and destruction of Black people and trust me, those people do not care about political parties.

The only limit you have is the one you have placed on yourself. So think, be and know you are absolutely limitless.