Young Woman Thinking --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Young Woman Thinking — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Our society and social media is crazy. We send a ton of dizzying messages to little Black girls and then we blame Black women if they faithfully follow them. Here are my observations about social media:

We hypersexualize girls by encouraging little girls no younger than three to twerk for internet clicks, likes and shares. Why? Because we think it is cute.

When she is 13 and twerking it ain’t cute anymore. We act surprised when she is doing it. We call her fast and then we want her dad to whip her ass on video for clicks, likes and shares. In the comment section of the video, we insist that she solely focus on her education and religion because only god and math problems can fix her!

While tell we her to focus on her education and religion, when she is 23 and doesn’t put her body on display for clicks, likes and shares we think something is wrong with her. We feel entitled to seeing her body.

When she is 33, people on social media say that her degrees, career, religion and body pics on the internet are the reasons why she is single, childless, having children outside of marriage, single and having too many children, not having enough children while married, not acting like a wife, acting too much like a wife, being hypersexual or not sexual enough for clicks, likes and shares. Got to blame someone for your failures. Why not the successful woman who makes you feel inadequate because she is successful.

When she is 43 plus, she learns not to give a damn about clicks, likes and shares but she clicks, likes and shares that video of the three-year old girl twerking while wondering why 13 year olds are so fast.  Jesus said the whole log in the eye thing.

It seems like a cycle that sets Black girls and women up to lose. To some we are not enough or we are too much. It is even worse because we willfully engage in it. The only way to break the cycle it is not engage in this kind of social media. What do you think?