Yep. That's me. BBG.

Yep. That’s me. BBG.

Who am I? A few weeks ago I decided to treat myself to a DNA test (not the Maury kind) from My twin sister, La Femme Negrita, our family’s amateur genealogist, took a DNA test. It was only for our maternal blood line. That test showed that my mom was a member of the L3F haplogroup. She has East African ancestry. Her family is from the Caribbean by way of Cuba, Jamaica and St Kitts. My dad’s family has been in the United States for over 200 years is 100% American. We have never done a DNA test for my dad’s family and’s test was our opportunity. Their DNA test determines the ethnicity of both of my parents and since we linked it to our family tree we were able to find our long-lost cousins. Some of them may not have wanted to be found. I will get back to that later.


Well I purchased the kit from for $99. A few weeks later they sent me a kit. The kit includes directions, a cup to spit in and a package to send back to them. Once have you spit in the cup and send it back all you have to do is get on the computer and wait.


Three weeks passed and SURPRISE!! I am 91% African. BOOOO YAAAAAA!!! If I was over 15% something else my parents would have had a lot of explaining to do. Hey Nigeria and Ivory Coast/Ghana BIG UP!!!


The official screen shot.

The Other Nine Percent

We knew on my paternal side that our enslaved ancestor, my 4th great grandmother Matilda Patton was raped by a White man. Because of the rape she had my 3rd great grandmother Eliza Jane Patton. Well, the DNA linked me to the family of the man who did it. It turns out that they live in Little Rock, Arkansas. I still have family there. My cousin, Jefferson Thomas, who passed away in 2010, was one of the Little Rock Nine. My great-grandmother, Gertrude or as we call her Momma Gert  along with my family left Arkansas during the great migration. They headed for New York City. Did I tell you I have  polish ancestors too? That’s my Europe West part. We connected using DNA on


Unlike 99% of African-Americans who claim First Nation ancestry, I always knew my family did not. Most African-Americans who claim First Nations ancestry did so because they did not want to admit that they were a product of slave rape. These stories were passed down from generation to generation to hide the truth.

Hey, who knew I had teeny tiny bit of East Asian in me?

My ancestry results mimic route of the transatlantic slave trade. I am also a reflection of the most genetically diverse place in the world. AFRICA. TOTAL FUN SAUCE! For all of those who questioned my ancestry oh yes, I do have good hair. I have African in my family. Have you taken the test? What were your results?

African Ancestry

map Africa

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