We all know we have a generation of sick antiBlack female misogynists. They are on social media and in our “entertainment.” What can we do to change their minds? Not a darn thing.

What bothers me is when I see many sisters playing Captain save-a-negro by trying to change their minds. Why are you doing this? You are wasting your precious time giving a flip about people who wouldn’t spit on you if your ass was on fire. Look, Pookie is gone. Ray-ray’s mind ain’t coming back. They gone. I’ll admit that trying to change them is an admirable gesture but it’s futile.

Well the truth is that they hate themselves. Now ask yourself, what makes you think they are going to love you if they hate themselves? They hate the skin they were born in. They hate being powerless and since you look like them and brought them into the world, they hate you too.

You want a strong Black population? Take Kola Boof’s advice and “raise new sons.” Stop trying fix a broken man like it’s a build a bear workshop. He isn’t your school project and regardless of the time and effort you put into him you aren’t going to get an “A.” These men aren’t changing unless they want to or are forced to. And trust me, they benefit from antiBlack female misogyny (harems of Black women, abdication of parental and community responsibilities, coddling, mammies, low expectations, and money) so they won’t change.

Raise a new son. Raise a new son to love their Blackness. Tell them they are limitless. Teach them about Garvey, Malcolm X , Booker T Washington and others. Tell them the truth, that the TV is a tel-lie-vision and that the idea of White supremacy is a lie. Teach them that colorism and sexism are wrong. Teach them to love honor and protect all of Black womanhood and to put her above all others.

It’s time to move on from those who despise our existence. Here is my advice and I will say this until Horus comes back, love those who have proven their love, loyalty and commitment to you. As Frederick Douglass said, “it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” He figured that out many years ago. It’s time you do too.