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If the video of a Black woman rejecting a Black man made you mad you’re wrong and here’s why. (NSFW & Video)

The images below contain profanity. The content is not safe for work.  Yesterday I was cruising the Facebook mean streets when I saw a video

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UPDATE!!! Two White QVC hosts mock a Black Woman’s natural hair and humiliate her on TV. (Video)

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE, TO THE UPDATE! The QVC host Sandra Bennett responded. Please see the screen shots below. This was from her Facebook page and

DL Hughley 6

D.L. Hughley Hates Black Women and Water is Wet

  Columbus Short and his wife have been in the news lately. She alleges that Short committed domestic violence against her. According to an article

April 29, 2014 Culture, Sexism
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Don’t save him. He don’t wannabe saved. Stop trying to change antiBlack women misogynists.

We all know we have a generation of sick antiBlack female misogynists. They are on social media and in our “entertainment.” What can we do

November 21, 2013 Culture, Sexism
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I am not Trayvon Martin: The Black Media Ignores Black Women Victims

Dear Black media why are Black males deaths more worthy of coverage than Black females? Aren’t all acts of violence equally egregious? Do Black women

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The Public Trial of Rachel Jeantel

Today, 19 year old Rachel Jeantel testified for the prosecution in the murder trial against George Zimmerman. George Zimmerman, 29, is accused of murdering 17

June 26, 2013 Race, Sexism

I am proud to say I am not an ideal Black woman.

In the Black community, I believe there is an ideal Black woman. The ideal Black woman is strong, unbreakable and tough. She is able to

May 06, 2013 Culture, Race, Sexism
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Whenever I hear a Black Woman call herself a “strong Black woman” I roll my eyes and automatically think mule.

Whenever I hear a Black Woman call herself a “strong Black woman” I roll my eyes and automatically think mule. You know the animal that

November 14, 2012 Sexism

D.L. Hughley says that Black Women complaining about his stereotypical sexist diatribe on NPR means Black Women are angry.

D.L. Hughley responded last night on Twitter to the criticism he received when he said that Black women were angry on NPR. Read more about his

Rekia Boyd and Trayvon Martin 22

The Invisible Victim, The Black Woman. I Have her Back, Do YOU?

I am an unapologetic pro-Black Woman! Being a pro-Black Woman doesn’t mean I am anti-man. It means that if you were to ask me who’s side

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