D.L. Hughley responded last night on Twitter to the criticism he received when he said that Black women were angry on NPR. Read more about his interview on NPR here.

First, he said we took his words out of context. Um no. We can read. Guess what he said next? You guessed it. Because he received criticism from Black women that Black women were angry. Yep.  You see in twisted backwards upside down anti-Black women thinking, we Black women are angry for standing up and defending ourselves. Please. This is the same old typical tactic used by anti-Black women misogynist to keep Black women quiet, broke, broke down, discouraged and a mule.  His statement should prove to you that people like him have no remorse. And folks don’t hold your breath waiting an apology to come from this narcissistic Black white supremacist. He got away with it before and will do it again.

Sis, people like him just want you to stay in your place and keep buying his stuff while he laughs at you. And unlike most people, I still haven’t forgotten about the time when he defended Don Imus and insisted on national television that the Black women on the Rutgers Basketball team were ugly nappy headed hoes Jay Leno in 2007. Let’s go the time machine. I mean YouTube.

You see if a white person did this YOU would be outraged and his career would be on a respirator (see Michael Richards). So why not treat Mr. Hughley and other Black White supremacist (male and female) the same way? Black women, we control the money. We have the power. So stop supporting people who hate you. Save your money and invest your time and energy in you.