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Whenever I hear a Black Woman call herself a “strong Black woman” I roll my eyes and automatically think mule. You know the animal that works hard and carries everyone’s load. Little does that Black woman who has called herself a “strong Black woman” know that, that thinking  is deeply rooted in racism.You see, in order to justify the rape of Black women Black women had to be dehumanized. Did you know that one of the old slavery myths was that Black women did not feel pain? Yes, they thought we didn’t feel pain and that notion is still prevalent in society today.

“RIO DE JANEIRO, Nov 14 2012 (IPS) – If a black woman and a white woman both need emergency obstetric care, a Brazilian doctor will assist the white woman because of the stereotype that black women are better at handling pain and are used to giving birth.

Because of cultural and social conventions in Brazil “blacks are seen in terms of stereotypes, and that leads to them not having the same guarantees in healthcare treatment as whites have,” Crisfanny Souza Soares, a psychologist with the National Network for Social Monitoring and Health of the Black Population, told IPS.” - Inter Press Service

For me personally, I cry over a paper cut. So whenever you hear someone say this remind them that we are not super women. We can’t jump tall buildings. We alone can’t and darn sure won’t take care of 50 family members on $1.50. Black woman alone cannot save the “Black community” and I refuse in the name of Jesus to march for little dude who was a terrorist gang member turned community martyr because was killed by the police in a shoot out.

survey by The Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation reveals that black women have more trouble paying their bills or getting a loan than white women. And they are trying to regain their footing in a world where more than half feel as though they do not have the skills and education to compete for a job.

The Post-Kaiser poll of more than 800 black women is the most extensive exploration of the lives and views of African American women in decades. In nearly 20 extended interviews with women who participated in the survey, a picture of frustration and resilience emerged.

Nearly half of the women surveyed said they help out elderly relatives, and more than a third regularly assist friends or family with child care — outpacing white women in both cases. Washington Post.

I have seen people take pride in struggling. INSANE!I don’t care if Aunt Sally did it. It’s stupid. I don’t care if cousin Nay, Nay did it. It’s stupid. I don’t care if your grandma’s mamma did it. As much as I love her it is still stupid. There is no joy and benefit in being a mule. All you get is poor health and it leaves you broke and broken. I personally do not admire people who are in ill health, are the family ATM, takes care of their of their adult children’s litters, runs the church meetings, cooks dinner for pastor even though pastor can go to McDonald’s, and works ten jobs because they want to take care of adult leeches. It is stupid. You see that “S” she wears on her chest stands for sucker and people are using and mocking her. Don’t believe me. Just type in “strong Black woman” on Twitter and on Facebook and see what turns up. When a friend of mine called me a “strong Black woman” I shut it down. I refuse to wear that title. I told them I am a woman. Treat me accordingly.

I found this on Facebook. The page is called, “Like if you’re a strong black woman who dont need no man.”

So whoever told you that Black women were supposed to live a life of misery, struggle and martyrdom is a liar. They are hurting us. Folks already died struggling so you don’t have to. So appreciate their gift by enjoying life. Life as short and meant to be lived. Go live, love and laugh.

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