Here is the low down. A few bitter folks have been trolling Black women’s spaces including and my page and website. They are questioning my identity, my love for my people and my beliefs because I focus on Black women. They are questioning someone who has been doing this for three years. What kind of madness is this? I am tired of being the bigger person. I am tired of ignoring these sorry ass people because I was raised right. I’ve been nice for too long, and my code switch game is too strong. No more. This post is for them.

little girl

Dear Black women hating trolls,

Get out of Black women’s spaces, but before you go I have four questions. Who are you? Why are you stalking my page and website? Why are you bothering this space and why are you relevant? Don’t answer the questions. The truth is you are as relevant as the gum on my shoe.

One, I am who I am. I am not ashamed. Unlike you, I have my real pic. This is me in all my fabulous Bougie Black Girl 100% African-American New York City born and Bronx raised glory. No stock photos here.

Snapshot 11 (5-1-2014 5-37 PM)

Two, I love my people. Not once have you seen me trash Black men. You see No Child Left behind baby, you have no critical thinking skills. Not focusing on one group, demanding equality and a better quality of life for Black women does not mean I hate Black men. I love Black men, especially the Black men in my life who love Black women. What it means is that I am focusing on Black women because no one else will. A long time ago I realized the only times y’all give two damns about Black women was when:

  • Our asses are twerking because that means we are whores. Get it sisters.
  • To tell me my married Black 4C ugly ass isn’t marriage material.
  • How to wear my weaves, wigs, perms, natural and ‘s curls. I love them all. Give me Peruvian. I don’t do that cheap Chinese goat hair trash on eBay.
  • How I am supposed to submit to some random broke ass who can’t submit a résumé, spell s-u-b-m-i-t or even knows what the hell it means. Google define works.

You see Black women have no one. Not the NAACP. Not the Urban League.  Not the National Action Network. Not Jessie or Al. Not the activists. Not the church unless it is collecting its 10% and y’all hungry behinds are lining up for Sunday dinner. Not the media, not the Black community and definitely not the celebrities who only care when a Black man is killed by police. Even Black women’s organizations and sororities are wrapped up in the needs of Black men. You should be happy. It is all about Black men, but you insist on coming into Black women’s spaces. I wonder why. Before you start calling me a bitter bed wench (y’all really need new words) let’s something straight. I ain’t mad. It has always been this way. Black women have no one but ourselves. I am simply reminding Black women of that fact.

Next, I won’t apologize for my blog or finally saying Black women need to put ourselves first. I don’t do the struggle strong Black woman Okie doke here. Black women deserve the best and if that means she wants luxury she should go for it. If that means she doesn’t want to pop out babies like a Pez dispenser for your failed nation-building efforts, she doesn’t have too. Watch me wave and Nay-Nay multicolored cherry flavored female condoms in the air. There are plenty of women who will accept the struggle hustle. Go to them. Black women on my page will only hear how they deserve a great life.

I won’t apologize for telling Black women to avoid ashy ass hoteps because you’ll want us to trade a White supremacist patriarchy for a proBlack one. Nah son, y’all got things wrong. Being proBlack means proBlack errything! ProBlack women, proBlack men, proBlack disabled, and proBlack LGBTQ.

You see they told you wrong. I won’t apologize for telling Black women not to build-a-negro regardless of his color. If he ain’t got his life together, he isn’t a Black woman’s responsibility to fix, up lift, save, take care of, repair or recycle. That was his parent’s job. Only sorry ass dudes and sucker ass women want a woman to fix a grown ass man.

I won’t apologize for telling Black women to aim high, to marry if she even wants to, to someone who will make her happy. If he is Black, great. Black love! I love me some chocolate babies. If he is non-Black, great. If you love a Black woman you have great taste in women. That is all that matters to me.

I won’t apologize for telling Black women and children to get the hell out of the hood before it damages or kills her or her family. Common sense tells us every strong community starts at the nuclear family level so build your community where it is safe. Data also tells us our zip code is a determining factor for a child’s success. Look it up. Google is your friend.

I won’t apologize for telling Black women to become educated and to pick up a skill. You see we are not only competing with folks in the U.S., U.K, Africa or the Caribbean. Black women are competing against folks worldwide and computers too.

And for darn sure I won’t apologize for telling Black women they are beautiful because we are. You don’t like it; it ain’t my fault. Blame your god.

Maybe I am too smart. I don’t understand how anyone could be against Black women wanting and receiving the best? Who wants to see Black women in struggle mode? Who could be against Black women having the best in life possible and achieving her dreams? Bougie Black Girl and other Black women’s spaces are all about Black women living the best life possible. Who could be against all that? I will show you. Go to a mirror, spin three times and look at it. Only weak ass threatened fools like yourself are. One more thing, why you so scared? I know why. Because Black women are waking up. They see the jig is up. That means no more checks for your causes, less and less Black women as collateral damage for your marches and no more free ass for your harems. As usual it isn’t about the Black community. It was all about you.

You see Black women and our spaces aren’t the problem.  You are the problem. Fix yourself, get you a life and get the hell out of my space.  I can’t wait to block your ass, and I hope other Black women’s spaces do too.

Sisters and friends, I apologize. Please excuse my grammar and my language, but somethings need to be said. To be a Black woman who loves herself in a world that says she should not is a revolutionary act. Be a revolutionary.

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