This image was on a FB page

This image was on a FB page

There are petitions circulating and social media pages in the land of Hotep that want to you to boycott Empire.

Why protest Empire? Their reasons are because the father is a hip hop mogul who sold drugs. The ex-wife just got out of jail. One son is a lazy rapper, the another son is married to a White woman and the third son is gay. For them, it is about making Black people look bad. I am like really? Now you care about morality and image? Where the hell have you been?

They hate Empire but have no problem making these men rich!

They hate Empire but have no problem making these men rich!

I have several questions. Where are the objections about Being Mary Jane? In that show, a Black woman was messing with a married Black man while taking care of her sorry ass family. I guess that is OK because she was screwing a Black man and she is taking care of her family. What about Power? Power is about a Black man drug dealer who is married to a Black woman, and he is screwing a Latina. How about the critically acclaimed show The Wire where darn near every Black person on that show was a drug dealer or nefarious? Oh, and the writers of that show were darn near all White men. I guess that was a realistic depiction of Black life.

Hotep logic

Hotep logic

You know why people who complain about Empire are silent about the shows I mentioned and others? Because those show are mostly Black straight male centered. Black men are in power and control. Black men are not countered or questioned by powerful characters as they are in Empire, HTGAWM and Scandal. They are not the center of the Black universe. They exist with others who share power with them. Notice how they only want to attack a show where one of teh GAYZ is one of the most compelling characters. Heck, most of us are rooting for him. TEAM JAMAL! Notice they only want to attack a show where a Black woman isn’t begging gawd for a good Black man, she isn’t saving or sacrificing for the entire family, and she isn’t acting against her interests! You know exactly where I am going. These people are really homophobic and misogynist asses hiding under the guise of Black power. They can’t stand to see marginalized Black groups in control, in power, being desired and dominating. Why? Because these homophobic and misogynist asses want to dominate them. It is against their interests to see the evil te-lie-vision make Black women and our Black LGBTQ family look ambitious, powerful, desirable and be flawed human beings. These are humanizing images Black people in the entertainment industry (especially rappers) have countered for 30 years for a profit.

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Here is one more point I want to make because it needs to be said. Where was your outrage during thirty gawd damn years of humiliating Black women for cash by Black men in the rap industry? Where were you when your favorite crapper, singer or comedian was dissing Black women for their White audiences? Where is your outrage now? You are silent like a mug when your favorites entertainers are calling us b’s, h’s and f’s. Many of y’all do it now and see nothing wrong with it.

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So what do you want? The good old days! We remember when light-skinned Black and biracial women were and still are the bastion of Black respectability and beauty. They are always portrayed as the wives of the dark-skinned all-knowing, forever wise, and deified Black man. Y’all know. The good old days, when the wife’s trusty dark-skinned sidekick was always portrayed man-less, angry and the target of the Black husbands “jokes.” The good old days where we pretended like we didn’t have LGBTQ family knowing the people who helped raise us were LGBTQ.  It isn’t all about you and now the shoe is on the other foot.

I am convinced y’all won’t be satisfied until you see Black women on TV discussing the mystical healing properties of shea butter, the Willie Lynch Letter, Hidden Colors 999.1, promoting polygamy (nothing wrong with it unless you are against polyandry) and how to submit a Black kang. Y’all won’t be satisfied until we pretend our LGBTQ family does not exist and won’t remind your self-hating ass to come out of the closet.

As much as I love Empire because it is a modern version of Dynasty, I have a lot of problems with it. Especially where the main characters are all light-skinned, and the help (all the assistants) are all dark-skinned. Let’s talk about that. Until then your hypocritical behind needs to get you a life. Here is something better. Get the heck of off the net and create your own.

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