I  don’t hate Black men. I don’t make videos saying that I hate them. I don’t call them hair rags because they wear du-rags. I don’t tell them what to wear or how to wear their hair. I don’t believe I have say over the expression of their sexuality. I don’t say light skin Black men or nonBlack men are the best. I don’t create antiBlack men memes, Facebook pages or Twitter accounts. I don’t call Black men hood or ghetto. I don’t create websites dedicated to their crimes. I don’t say Black men would find a good woman if they knew how to provide. I don’t say no one wants Black men. I don’t blame Black men for my failures. I don’t say all Black men are out of shape and broke to justify who I love or marry.  I don’t make rap songs calling Black men nappy headed negros, boys or bucks. I don’t say dark skin men have bad credit but light skin Black men can’t take a punch in the face. Unlike those Black men who have said this about Black women I don’t hate them at all. I hate racio-misogyny. That’s the BIG DIFFERENCE.

If objecting to someone calling me a bitch, a hoe or a nigga equates to me hating Black men so be it. If objecting to child marriage,  patriarchal religions and limiting  Black women and girls access to education means I hate Black men so be it. If objecting to sexual and physical abuse equates to me hating Black men so be it. If saying we should end gang violence and address the 57% of Black children abandoned by their fathers means  I hate Black men so be it. If saying that Black women should view the Black community the way Black men see it means I hate Black men oh well. If telling Black women they should leave violent communities and  put their basic needs, safety and emotional, spiritual and financial health first means I hate Black men so be it. If demanding that Black organizations stand up for Black women and girls the way they do for Black men and boys means I hate Black men so be it.

I will not apologize for my perspective or standing up for my humanity. I will not cower in a corner and wish it would go away. I will not say silent out of faux skin color unity. I am a realist. I see what I see and I write how I see it. It’s not my problem that you don’t like it. You know what? Perhaps it is your perspective of Black men, your low expectations of them and what they are capable of that needs to change. Not mine. Now who is really the one who hates Black men? Not me.