Dear Black women,

I love and adore you so much. You are amazing. Without you many of us would not have made it this far. That is why I feel you deserve more than Black misogyny. You deserve more than being called a “black bitch”, a “broke ass hoe”, a “dark butt” or any other name. Let me tell you something. regardless of what others say this isn’t normal. No other group would tolerate or even endure this. Why do you?

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Black women are the most loyal group I have ever seen. No one can question it. From the abolition of slavery to the civil rights and Black Panther movements and even today, you have supported these movements that have not put your issues first.  Here is the truth. You are free. Do you think other groups would support people calling them b’s and h’s  and still give them money out of skin color loyalty? Hell no. So why should you? They’d throw them off the island and let them fend for themselves. Black women need to do the same. Like every other group, you have no obligation to support Black misogynists because we are Black. Now ask yourself, when was the last time Black misogynists marched or were outraged when a Black woman was insulted, abused or even worse? When was the last time someone in the entertainment industry dissed a Black woman and there was repercussions for it? Never. If you or I dissed other groups there would be hell to pay. Have y’all seen Twitter lately? Even Black woman hater Kevin Hart acknowledged this. Think long and hard about that.LILD

Don’t you get tired of Black women giving without getting that same support in return? Aren’t you tired of supporting Black faces even though they cursed you, disrespected you and mocked you simply because they are Black? Heck, when was the last time they supported a Black woman’s project? Never, so leave them alone. Stop buying their products and supporting their movies. People want to justify their mistreatment of Black women because of centuries old stereotypes but they are wrong. We are not stereotypes. We are people. We are mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, partners and friends. We are human beings and you deserve respect because you are a human being.

DL Hughley


So wake up. “Skin folk ain’t kin folk.” For far too long Black women have ceded our respect to line the pockets of those who have disrespected us. All for the sake of one-sided faux Black unity. I have had enough and I hope you have had enough too. You have two choices sis. Get on the train, say enough and make it a financial liability to disrespect Black women or get left behind and allow someone who called you and I a bitch to thrive. It is up to you.

Black Men in the Entertainment Industry who have dissed Black Women that Black Women still support!!!(((WARNING: Laced with madness, the stupid, profanity, and hella colorism)))

Part Deuce: Black Men in the Entertainment Industry Who Have Dissed Black Women That Black Women Still Support 

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