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Forget Tamika with the 4c hair! Go get you light skinned Becky with the good hair on the dating site for Black people, Smoochr

Instead of going on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, at they mama’s house or on their PS4 where they can hate Black women, you can fulfill your ashy

July 25, 2016 Colorism
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Thursday Thoughts: Black women you have no excuses!

I love my people and I know sexism, racism and misogyny are real, but these evils are NO excuses for you to just give up

June 16, 2016 Health and Beauty
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Meet Louie T. McClain II, the Founder & CEO of one of the largest Afrocentric book providers in the U.S., Melanin Origins

Welcome to the sixth installment of “Awesome Black entrepreneurs you should know and support” series. As you know in the United States, the Black dollar

May 28, 2016 Career and Business
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There are Big Changes at Happening at Bougie Black Girl

In the next few weeks, we’re making big changes at Bougie Black Girl. You see, my passion is improving the lives of Black women. I believe I’ve

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Here are 19 things you need to do (that I did) when your spouse dies.

As many of you know, I just lost my wonderful husband. Even though I’m grieving, I learned so much from this ordeal. I learned my

May 16, 2016 Health and Beauty
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I apologize for not blogging. Last week I became a widow.

Dear friends, Please forgive me for not blogging. I’m sure you have questions. Sadly my husband of 14 years, Joseph, our family’s provider and protector

May 08, 2016 Family
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Dear Jacka***s, This is NOT Harriet Tubman!

Dear Jackasses, I know the schools teach to the test and you probably didn’t pay attention at your school’s annual Black month history play, but

May 01, 2016 Culture
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Check out the trailer for John Legend’s movie “Southside With You” based on the Obama’s first date!

“Southside With You” is based on the Obama’s first date and stars Parker Sawyers as Barack Obama and Tika Sumpter as Michelle Obama. It looks beautiful.

April 29, 2016 Culture
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What’s it like to grow up and live in poverty.

Millions of Americans are born into poverty. They’re your friends, family, employees, the people you say hi to every day, the folks who make your

April 29, 2016 Culture
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Black people age slower than less melanated #ffffff people. Here’s how to keep it that way.

Look at Gabriel Union. She’s the Patron Saint of Agelessness and Perpetual Slaying. Can you believe she is in her 40’s? If you’re Black, this

April 23, 2016 Health and Beauty
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