Every day people ask me questions. After years of saying as the great Bishop Bullwinkle famously said, “hell to the naw, naw. To the naw, naw. To the naw, naw, naw,” I’ve finally decided make them public. Why am I making them public? Because people are asking the same questions. 
Here is a little trigger warning.  I have my own way of seeing things.  I believe in capitalism, acquiring job skills, life and reproductive planning, and growing Black wealth. If you’re offended or feel like I left you out, there are other places for you. I am not here to debate you or tell you I am right and you’re wrong or the reverse. I am just stating my opinion. If you don’t like it, life will go on.  Have a great day.

Question: How do you feel about Black Republicans?
BBG: The same way I feel about Black Democrats. If you care about Black wealth, you have a friend in me. Unlike the masses, I truly believe the two-party system was never ours to begin with. U.S. politics is a side-show to get more money out of the angry, insecure and distracted masses. American politics is fake political gang war funded by the same organizations to make sure government remains gridlocked and unproductive while the rest of us are dependent on it, wallowing in debt, and trapped in poverty. Think I am wrong? Have you ever noticed when one side does something wrong the other side sends out fundraising emails and vice versa. Political parties are playing on our fears while emptying our pockets. I can’t blame them. It is incredibly lucrative and solving real problems isn’t. The next presidential election spending may reach over $5 billion. FIVE BILLION DOLLARS! Who wants to solve problems when you can make $5 billion pretending you will? The best thing Black Americans can do with our 37 million strong population is to use both parties towards our advantage.

Call me cynical, but Black Democrats and Republicans can have all the fun they want on the social issues. As I mentioned earlier, that’s how both parties raise money. However, Black Democrats and Black Republicans must be allies on building Black wealth.

Unlike what the media tells us, I believe Black Republicans and Democrats truly want the same thing for Black America; we just go about it in different ways. When we identify those same things, we can begin to plan the how. I really wish more Black Republicans joined the Congressional Black Caucus and Black Democrats would allow Black Republicans to have a louder voice without calling someone an Uncle Tom and silencing them. Black people are not monolithic. We can disagree. Many of us can agree we need to build Black wealth. It begins by forming alliances with people you may disagree within your community today.

Those are my thoughts. What do you think? The only limit you have is the one you have placed on yourself. Think and be limitless.

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Thanks for reading. The only limit you have is the one you have placed on yourself. Think and be limitless.