Bobby s2

Image via YouTube

This is a video of 20-year-old Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda performing for his record deal in front of record executives from Epic. The video is a rare and shocking peek behind the record industry curtain. The person who posted the video  probably thought it was a good thing. They were wrong. Aside from the vile lyrics I am extremely disturbed by this video. I am not alone. Look at the comments and overwhelming number of dislikes.

Take a look at what I see. Look at who he is “performing” for. You would believe that an industry mostly dominated by Black men would be run by them but looking at this video it is clearly not. Black men are nothing but products consumed by the masses and tossed away once the record execs sucked every bit of talent from them. If you had any questions of why rap is dying and why ignorance and violence are promoted in that industry look at the faces in the room. They are the peddlers of Black death. They are the decision makers. They are the ones who decide who and what will be heard.

Now I want you to take a look at what Shmurda has to do to even be signed. If you thought talent alone got you through you were wrong. Jumping on tables, bucking your body and acting like a fool does. To be honest I am disgusted. It feels like I am watching a minstrel show. I was waiting for someone to toss quarters at him and say “dance boy dance.” Does he even realize what he is doing? Does he even care or is obtaining the little money he will get worth more than sacrificing his dignity? Should I be even surprised? This man has a song called “Hot N****.” Those are questions he and others who want to be in this industry have to decide.

Let the video below serve as a warning to those who want to go into this industry. This is what you have to do. If bouncing around like a wild animal and talking about n’s, b’s and killing in front of White executives is what it takes to get into the music industry maybe you should consider getting into a different business. Here is something even better. Maintain your dignity. Control your own wealth and start your own label. Without Black talent these record companies would not exist.

Warning NSFW or children. The video contains profanity.