Young Woman Thinking --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Young Woman Thinking — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

It makes me so sad when I see Black women support hateful Black male misogynists. I have seen brilliant Black women who I have known for years share and like posts, videos and memes from these sick people. It makes me shake my head because I don’t understand.

You know, I understand why Black male misogynists do it. They do it because they are weak, powerless and make money from it. Rap music does it. But Black women? I just don’t understand why any Black woman would support these people. Don’t Black women know that they control the wealth in the Black community? Do these Black women realize that without their financial and social media support these men would not have a stage to spew their hate on? The truth is that these misogynist Black men would go back to hating “de White man” while trying to screw his daughter. Do these Black women love themselves? Don’t these Black women realize they are acting against their own interests?

Look, these misogynistic Black men, engage in double think.  They mock our skin, hair and noses. The same features they have. These misogynist Black men abhor racist stereotypes used against them but have no problem using it against you, a Black woman. They tell you they hate you while supposedly love being Black. Heck,  because their daddies abandoned and/or abused them they blame the one woman who raised them. They blame their mother. Black women remind them of her and so they hate you. They are admitted Black White supremacists. Who needs the KKK when brotherman wants to erase and end your existence?

Are the Black women who support these people suffering from Stockholm syndrome? Probably! You have traditionally Black religious and social entities that tell Black women that being Black trumps being a woman. The truth is we can’t separate it. Being Black and a woman is what makes us whole. It is who we are.

I will once again reiterate that Black women can’t change Black male misogynists.  It doesn’t matter if we change our supposed attitudes or looks. It doesn’t matter how much good will you have. It doesn’t  matter how much you call them Black king or buy their books. It doesn’t matter how many times you tell them you are not like the Black women they wrongly despise. They will never give and return the same support and loyalty you have given them. They will never accept you. They don’t want you. They will never love you but will they hate you.

My advice to sisters who support Black male misogynist is never let your race based loyalty to someone who hates you trump your own dignity and humanity. My sister, you are worthy of love, kindness and respect because you are a human being with feelings and emotions. You have hopes and dreams and deserve to pursue them. You sister, have a right to exist.

Black women who support Black male misogynist are like chicken supporting KFC.  I simply don’t understand because I place my interests first. Sis if you can’t help yourself, if you have to support someone who hates you and would love to remove you from existence perhaps you need to look inside yourself. You can do it. Learn to love yourself.