Once again more pimp daddy negros are telling Black women what not to do. Dearest plank in your eye, please meet stick in my eye. They forgot that the people doing the raping, killing and abandoning the Black community has a penis just like them. Will they ever give men this advice? Hell no. That means that brothers have to stop blaming women and hold each other accountable. As we all know there is no money in that so that isn’t going to happen. They are financially banking on Black women’s insecurity and supposed miserable hoarding cat lady spinsterhood. Screw that. Here a list of reasons why you shouldn’t listen to these sexist Black hating woman ass online celebrity relationship gurus. Roll the tape.

  1. They have never been married; have no intention of being married or they have been in failed marriages. Yes marriage with an “s.”
  2. They are just not interested in you but will gladly take your money. Some don’t and have stated they never will have Black women spouses. So why listen to them?
  3. Some have inmate numbers and have been arrested for domestic violence. Is that who you want to take advice from?
  4. Some have abandoned their previous spouses and children for their jump-offs. Enough said.
  5. They are known to have made misogynistic comments in the past while forgetting they are serial baby daddy litter makers. They got some nerve telling Black women what to do.
  6. Reciting lines, singing songs, telling jokes or pimping Jesus doesn’t make them a licensed professional counselor.
  7. They will always give you bad advice because (a) they don’t know what the hell they are talking about and (b) as long as you listen to their advice you will never find a suitable partner. That ensures them a returning customer.

I just saved you hundreds of dollars on books and seminars and triggering sexist oppressive Facebook memes. Stop listening to these internet jack leg fake love pimps. Love yourself first and love will find you. Drink wine. Enjoy singlehood, buy a battery operated friend and enjoy life. You are welcome.