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I have seen the bottom of the internet and it is horrific. The hatred of Black women has evolved into to threats against our lives. Honestly, I didn’t want to write about this, but this goes too far. First it was the “rape is a revolutionary act against Black women” video and now this.

infectors sceen shotinfectors sceen shot2

There was a Facebook page that recently appeared from the bowels of the internet called “The Infectors.” Thankfully it was removed. Here is the Google cache and the Yahoo cache of the Facebook page.


On the page, the creator talked about infecting specifically Black women with a disease. It is not hard to connect that the page creator was talking infecting Black women with HIV because the page creator also posted a list of names of the Black women the person claims to have infected.

As of this moment, their video is still up on YouTube. I hope YouTube eventually removes the video and takes the full extend of action the service can take. I will not link to it. I refuse to provide them with traffic.

When we talk about the hatred of Black women, know it is not a game. Whether if it is the rantings of a lunatic, a shock vlogger who does this for money or a credible threat against Black women, please be aware. If you see pages, social media accounts and threats like this, please report it to the social media site and the authorities.

To report threats and the vile video go to:

Federal Bureau of Investigation:

YouTube Report Abuse:

Thank you to the Black women who let me know about it and thank you for reading.

All your efforts have worked. YouTube removed the video. THANK YOU!

YouTube removal

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