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Black Women don’t settle. Aim high!!!

It seems like there is a contingent of people who want Black women to settle. We have all dealt with it. If you focus on

January 31, 2013 100 Days to A Brand New You

I have a secret. I have a family member with a mental illness.

I have a secret. It is a secret that I was ashamed of. I have a family member with a mental illness. Like most folks we didn’t talk

January 29, 2013 Culture, Health and Beauty, Race

The only one stopping you is you. Hey Black Lady get out of your way.

Do you want a new job or a new business? Have you always wanted to live by the beach or live in a foreign country?

January 24, 2013 Culture

Getting Over The Fear

Like most folks I am not a risk taker. I like life in its little neat box where I can perform routines with predictable outcomes.

January 17, 2013 Career and Business, Culture
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Why do some folks hate Scandal? Because Olivia Pope isn’t a stereotypical Black woman.

I believe some folks hate Scandal because the main character is a successful Black woman who defies every stereotype of who a Black woman is

January 14, 2013 Culture
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Now you can play runaway slave with Django Unchained action figures!!!

For just $24.00 each or for $224.00 for all ten dolls you can play runaway slave, uncle tom, white side kick, slave owner and others with

January 06, 2013 News You May Not Know About
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My rant: Black people are not the Borg.

This issue has bothered me for god knows how long. Black people are not the borg (Star Trek reference). For some reason people believe that Black

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Black Women the Racial Beauty Totem Pole is a Lie.

Nothing makes me more angry than Black women buying into the race based looks hierarchy. You know that gosh darn totem pole. When I hear

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Hey Black lady get selfish. The time to live your dreams is now!

Sis I want you to be selfish. Yes selfish. It’s time to focus on you so I want to ask you by this time next

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Remember the real Victims of Domestic Violence. The plight of Kasandra and Black women in America

Remember the real victims! Black Women Murdered by Men Most Often Die by Gunfire, Usually by Someone They Know - Huffington Post You Can’t

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