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A Message to my Sisters

At first I wanted to write this post directly to those who want to stay in our hairlines, those who want to watch our waist

May 16, 2012 Sexism, Uncategorized
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Via Jeddah Mind Trick: Burnt Skin (A post on racism overseas)

BBG - Angelica is an African American woman from Detroit (the “D”) but an Arizona exile who writes about her experiences of living in Saudi Arabia. Angelica

April 30, 2012 Colorism, Race
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Jesus Save My Baby Hairs: A Natural Hair Rant

Jesus Save My Baby Hairs: A Natural Hair Rant By La Femma Negrita Hello, my name is La Femme Negrita and I am a natural

April 29, 2012 Culture, Health and Beauty
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We are all Black but you as a light skin person are benefiting from light skin privilege.

Colorism:”is a practice of discrimination by which those with lighter skin are treated more favorably than those with darker skin. In the African-American community, this

April 23, 2012 Colorism

Absolute FIRE!!! A Must read: The Cake Is Baked By @KolaBoof - Owl’s Asylum This is a piece written by a favorite writer of mine, Kola Boof. Egyptian-Sudanese-American Kola Boof is the author of the critically acclaimed novel

April 22, 2012 Uncategorized

Watch “BLACK WOMEN: Get out of Blackistan NOW!” on YouTube

Watch “Black Women: Get Out of Blackistan Now” by BWDB Worldwide

April 22, 2012 Uncategorized

The Guardian’s Absolutely Breath Taking Interview with the Legendary Toni Morrison

Picture via Wikapedia Toni Morrison: ‘I want to feel what I feel. Even if it’s not happiness’ I first met Toni Morrison about 15 years ago, to

D._L._Hughley 189

Black Men in the Entertainment Industry who have dissed Black Women that Black Women still support!!!(((WARNING: Laced with madness, the stupid, profanity, and hella colorism)))

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them” Maya Angelou I am about to get real and raw. WAKE UP SIS!! Black Women these

April 11, 2012 Colorism, Race, Sexism
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The Special Prosecutor files Charges in the Martin Case. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! May the Martin Family recieve justice.

Today, Florida Prosecutor Angela Corey (R), appointed by Republican Governor Rick Scott (R) on March 22, filed a  charge of  murder in the second degree against George Zimmerman for

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