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Three year old baby may have been murdered by gang member father!! STOP REPRODUCING with animals!

On Tuesday, July 3rd, the body of three year old Maurice Brown Jr., was found in a dumpster, only 12 blocks away from his home.

Image via The BBC 1

Why rich women who have it all want more!!

A couple of days ago a friend of mine posted an article titled “Why women still can’t have it all.” It should have said, “Why

June 27, 2012 Career and Business, Politics
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Over 50% of African-Americans and other non-Hispanic blacks were unemployed in New York City!! That’s crazy!

According to the New York Times article Blacks Miss Out as Jobs Rebound in New York City over 50% of African-Americans and other non-Hispanic blacks were

June 21, 2012 Career and Business, Culture, Race
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Baby saves his dumb ass thug dating mom from man who abused her and now he is afraid for his life.

This baby, Terrance Allen, saved his mom and her cousin from being choked and beaten by her abusive thug of a boyfriend, Timothy (Mohammad) Pender,

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Via Jeddah Mind Trick: Burnt Skin (A post on racism overseas)

BBG - Angelica is an African American woman from Detroit (the “D”) but an Arizona exile who writes about her experiences of living in Saudi Arabia. Angelica

April 30, 2012 Colorism, Race
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