On Tuesday, July 3rd, the body of three year old Maurice Brown Jr., was found in a dumpster, only 12 blocks away from his home. He was reported missing just days earlier.

The father, Maurice Brown Sr., just days before he was arrested being interviewed by the Memphis media. Image via MyFox Memphis.

On Sunday, at 10:25 pm, at 347 S. Pauline, his father Maurice Brown Sr., age 28, rapper and Grape Street gang member reported the baby missing. “Brown said he last saw his son about 8:30 p.m., when he fell asleep. Upon waking, Brown said, he found the door to his apartment open and his oldest son missing. Brown then told police that he took his 1-year-old son and went looking for the missing child in and around their apartment.” In various statements to the police and to news outlets in Memphis, Brown Sr., told them that the boy may have been missing because of his affiliation with the Grape Street gang.  Brown told the media that ,”I searched the house and he was nowhere to be found. [I] got in my car, drove around the block and called the police…”  He also said,  “There’s a lot of people that know me, there’s a lot of people that hate me.”

But according to the Commercial Appeal, “a neighbor contradicted that story, saying he saw Brown leave the apartment sometime between 7 and 8 p.m. with the larger of the two children draped over his shoulder. Police found blood in the bathroom of Brown’s apartment.”

Days later the father, Maurice Brown Sr. was charged with aggravated child endangerment or neglect. He is being held on $1 million bond.

By the way, while the police were searching for his son Brown Sr., was on Facebook accepting friend requests. What a way to mourn!

In response to messages left on her brother’s Facebook page, his sister, Tanika Stevenson, said, “You dummies will let da news tell y’all anything…anyone of us can lose our mind. It happens everyday. My brother loves his kids.” Right? He loves his kids so much that he dumped the baby in a dumpster and went on Facebook accepting friend requests.  There are some sick people in this world that really think like this and his sister’s statement is proof that this madness may be inherited.

Maurice Brown Sr., age 28, has been charged with aggravated child endangerment or neglect of Maurice Brown Jr., age three who’s body was found in a dumpster on Tuesday by the Memphis Police Department.

This monster is currently being held at 201 Popular (the Shelby County jail in Memphis) where he is no doubt a target. His next court date is July 26th. The R.S. Lewis Funeral Home has offered to conduct the funeral services for free.

347 S. Pauline. The last place Maurice Brown Jr., was seen alive. Image via the Commercial Appeal.

This thing may have murdered a BABY. A three year old baby! I do not understand why and because you are sane you may not understand either. But  folks stop reproducing with the monsters. I implore you for the sake of yourself and most importantly your children. Your children deserve more than thugs, litter makers and criminals as parents. You deserve to have a partner who will provide a stable home for you and your children. To leave your most precious asset to the likes of a gang banger is MADNESS! Absolute madness.

I am not a fan of the death penalty but in some cases I understand why people advocate for it. May this child’s soul rest in peace and may others learn from this incident. And for Christ sake SAVE YOUR CHILDREN!

Two other babies have been murdered in cases of neglect in Shelby County, TN this year:

  • Two year-old Reinyah Ballard, suffocated while being left unattended
  • Eighteen month old Calvuna Reese, was shot in the head by her 2-year-old brother while left unsupervised.

Sources: Commercial Appeal, the New York Daily News and MyFox Memphis