Big Sale sign in red over white backgroundBefore reading this take a look at,” You want to start a business and that is awesome. So where do we get our products?” Since we know how where to get our products it is time to start selling. How do we sell our items? We figure out where our customers are and how to keep them.

Here is a tip: You should have started building your inventory in June or July but it is not too late to get them now. Selling items do not have to include products like phones, computers, makeup, or toys. Those are great but everyone else is selling them. If you really want to reduce the level of competition think about selling accessories to those items.

You can have a website, a Facebook page or whatever and if people don’t know you exist they won’t come to you. So start advertising now! I am not talking about the traditional sense like buying ads. You don’t have to spend a lot. In fact, you can do it for free. Post sharable images with links on social media showcasing your items. And of course get on one of the world’s largest search engines, YouTube! If you are going to post on social media like YouTube why not give tips on how to use your product. If you sell clothing offer tips on how to style an item or items. If you sell electronics offer tips on how to use them. Make sure to use your product and include a link so that people can visit your site. It seems like a lot of work but you have to give before you get. Once you build a relationship with people they will buy from you.

Here is a tip people will spend more money on an item that looks professionally displayed than a wrinkled one. Below is one of the products I sold. At the time someone else was selling the same product. Their background was a blanket. Which one do you think sold for more money? Mine because I realized that presentation of the product is a part of a shopping experience. If you cannot pay for a professional photographer you can photograph an item outside in natural light or you can create your own backdrop. All you need is the dull side of White board paper. Make sure the product and item is facing towards natural light and the sun isn’t beaming on it. That is what I did. By they way, I took this picture my cellphone.


Build your email list.  Build your email list year round. Why should we build a list? You can speak directly to your customers without having to use a third party’s platform. Third party platforms include sites like Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and now Facebook. These days many third parties charge insane amounts and with the exception of Amazon, they do not offer products. Plus they can kick you off of their platforms at any time for any reason. I have seen other sellers go through this and I can tell you it is pure hell.

How can you build a list? Give customers an incentive to sign up. Some incentives are that they will have exclusive access to new products, sales and discounts. People who sign up have shown you a commitment. Now treat them like VIP’s. Remember you can use this list year round.

Once you have people on your list keep in contact with your customers. Create a calendar and schedule your emails with the year round. Google calendar is free. Use it. Even offer a clearance sale. With that email list you can let your customers know what is for sale, on clearance or what is brand new.

If you can, offer some sort of rewards program for your customers loyalty. Give away free sample goodies of your products. You can also buy items wholesale or liquidation. If you sell electronics here is an idea.  You can buy USB cords for a really low price and give them away. Customers love free things. Let your customers know you are rewarding their loyalty. Plus those free samples are like gateway drugs. Many people get hooked and want to buy full size. If you cannot give away items a contest is an option. All you have to do is ask customers to sign up for your mailing list and they qualify. You win because you get a boatload subscribers with little cost to you.

I keep on saying this but you are going to use a third parties platform diversify. Third party platforms include Amazon, Ebay and others. Get on all of them and not just one. Again, one customer complaint, a competitor flagging your items or anything else can get you kicked off. One of my favorite folks once said selling on these platforms is not a business. You are paying to use their space. Your own space is a website. Read more about third-party platforms here “You want to start a business and that is awesome. So where do we get our products?

I hope this post can help your venture thrive. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime. Don’t forget to subscribe and share this with you networks. Thanks for reading.