Happy Woman in Meadow

It is funny how we can forgive others, but we have this stubborn inability to forgive ourselves. We replay the mistakes we’ve made in our mind but refuse to see and enjoy our accomplishments. We punish ourselves while refusing to reward ourselves because we think we deserve to suffer. Why do we do this? We feel unworthy.

Not forgiving ourselves is debilitating. This self-inflicted punishment can stop you from achieving your goals. It can destroy yourself esteem and health and ruin your life. Here is what I want you to do:

  • Think about everything you’ve accomplished. Once you do that you will realize that you have come so far, you are working on your goals, and they will happen.
  • Admit that you are human. Today say “I forgive myself. I have made mistakes. It means that I am human but  I have accomplished so much more. I am worthy of a happy, healthy life and successful life”
  • Finally reward yourself. It doesn’t have to be a material reward, but a mental one. The reward is knowing that despite every obstacle you are an amazing human being.

You see, you are worthy of forgiveness and success. Remember this every single day especially when those moments of stress kick in. Heck bookmark this post. Enjoy and live the rest of your life because the only limit you have is the one that you’ve placed on yourself. Think and be limitless.

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