This post was heavily influenced by a post on the For Black Women Only Facebook page. For more of their great posts check out their website and wonderful forum. They provide quality information that makes you think.


First of all, I want to say that racism still exists. There are systemic and systematic racial inequalities but the truth is that those will always exist as long as there are beneficiaries of racism. So instead of seeking validation from those who are invested in your victim-hood I am asking you to take responsibility for our lives and decide to control our own destiny.

Some of us have bought into pathology of Black victim-hood. What is Black victim-hood? I define Black victim-hood as believing that because Black people have endured injustice we are now limited in every segment of society. Meaning we can’t succeed because we are enslaved (pun intended) to our pain and the whims of others.

Why accept this false pathology? Some like victim-hood because they maintain plantation and colonized conditioning. They co-sign the lies of others who have told them they are destined to become a victim. These victim-hood pimps don’t preach Black greatness. They tell us we can’t achieve because we are Black. They claim we are stagnant because outside forces determine our destiny. They tell us that Black folks need the permission and the acceptance of others to improve our lives. Well that is bull. These victim-hood pimps are scared to say I own my life. They are scared to say that I don’t need someone or something to save me because I am fully capable of saving myself.

Victim-hood is a lucrative industry. These professors, radio hosts, actors, rappers, preachers, online deacons and other victim-hood pimps are getting paid to keep us complaining and waiting instead of doing. These faux leaders are invested in you stewing in your own misery, leaving to be you broke, broken and unproductive. They use the pathology of Black victim-hood as a platform to appear on talk shows, sell books and accept corporate donations. Ever notice that these faux leaders never have big solutions. Ever wonder why? Because they are paid not too so they have no interest to. Ever notice when tragedy occurs they magically appear and turn into the family’s spokesman? Did you know that some of them actually charge for their “services” including their own lawyers too? Or when a company is rightly accused of racism they criticize the organization. However, unbeknownst to you, they then ask the company or organization to “donate” to their scholarship fund” and/or “unity” organization in exchange for their silence and support.


blackwall-street-buisnessmenUnlike some, I take my cue from the Black leadership of the past. The Black leadership of the past said,” I am Black and beautiful.” They reminded us that Blackness is greatness. They wanted social, political and economic Black POWER. Remember that these are the same Black folks who just a few years after slavery built Black Wall Streets all over the United States . And yes, there was more than one. They encouraged building our own communities, companies and million dollar empires. They created music, art and invented. They became doctors, lawyers, teachers, politicians, etc., without the government’s social safety net many rely on today. Let’s not forget that they also dealt with a harsher form of government sanctioned segregation and racism too.

Today you have so many opportunities to improve your life if you are willing to take it. You can be anything you want to be. You are not bound by someone else’s limitations on you unless you choose to be. You are not limited by your condition or skin color. In fact, you are bound to succeed because of it. So for your sanity and for the sake of your success turn off the victim-hood pimps. Honor yourself and our ancestors by becoming a victor and not a victim. They were survivors and our existence is proof of it.