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Free-range parenting: Middle class kids are walking home from school alone and folks are mad!

An african american student ready for school. Education, learning

For years, many working class Americans have made the tough choice of letting their children walk home alone, and no one cared. Middle class little kids are now walking home alone. It is a movement called “free-range parenting.” Of course this means middle class people are outraged. I try to figure out all of a sudden why do people care and what makes middle class kids so special here.

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Killer blog
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Has Tidal’s wave crashed? Nope! Tidal has one huge advantage other services don’t and it is…

Image via YouTube Screen Capture

Image via YouTube Screen Capture

While others are calling Jay-Z’s music streaming service a flop, I think it will make it through these rough waves. Why? Tidal has one thing the big streaming services don’t. Read what it is here.

You will not believe the incredible things Black women have done! Backed up with surprising stats and facts!


Black women kick ass. We are kicking behind in everything. There are some surprising stats and facts about Black women you’d never see in the media. “If you don’t know, now you know.” Read them here.

Black mothers will always lose: In defense of Baltimore mom Toya Graham!

Toya Graham. Image via Screen Capture

Toya Graham. Image via Screen Capture

Toya Graham was the Baltimore mom who got her son off the street during the Baltimore riots. Well out of touch individuals whose only goal is to show up on TV have criticized her. She’s been called an agent, a bed wench and has had both racist and sexist charges leveled against her. While y’all blame Black mothers for the sun setting, we believe Black moms are doing the best they can. Read our common sense defense of her and all Black mothers here.

In the I wish a dude would files: Me submit? Hell naw!

NOMe submit to a man? Hell naw! Read why I, (for the misogynists) a person in a 13 year marriage thinks it is all bull here.

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