Are you stressed out? Everyone is. If you have bills, work, kids or a life, most likely you are.  I believe most stress is self-imposed. We are stressed out over meaningless nonsense. It is very bad for our health and quality of life. Not in this post. We are focusing on the bigger and prettier picture and that’s improving your life.

You are probably wondering why I said like a boss. Well the song “Like a Boss ” was popular and because I was a professional stressor-er. I know it is a made up word, but the truth is I could stress out with the best of them. I have a B.A in hair loss, a masters in weight gain and a bout with severe burnout is my PhD so I’m a boss at it. If I can de-stress, you can too. So here are 16 ways de-stress like a boss:

  1. Wake up in the morning and when you get out of bed mediate, pray, stretch or just find something to be grateful for. It is a great way to start your day.
  2. Exercise or just move. Exercising releases endorphins in your body. These endorphins make you feel good. A cool effect of moving is stay fit. Why not get high off of your body’s natural drug?
  3. Turn off the news. It is depressing. You ever heard, “if it bleeds, it leads?” Well that is true. Who wants voluntary negativity in their day?
  4. Did you know music can alter our moods? Read a study here. If you’re stressed, you can change your mood by putting on happy music. I hate that “Happy” song, but if it works for you, go for it.
  5. Change your diet. You won’t believe it, but eating habits can not only alter our waistline, food can also alter our moods. Something as simple as sugar is responsible for mood swings and too much salt can kill you. Try consuming healthier foods. Put down that bag of chips and pick up an apple. An apple a day can keep the doctor away.
  6. Stop arguing on social media. It is a waste of time, no one wins and everyone thinks they are right. What have you gained from arguing on the net? Nothing but stress and wasted time. Don’t let your employer read what you wrote either. Chile. That is a whole nothing blog post.
  7. Stop focusing on things you can’t change. It is frustrating because we want to save the world, but we feel like we can’t. Instead focus on the things you can change. That means your life! One action can change your world.
  8. Forgive yourself. Sometimes the hardest person to forgive is ourselves. We feel foolish for what we did. You know what? Everyone makes a mistake. What matters is that you’ve acknowledged it, seen it as a lesson learned and moved on.
  9. If things go wrong it is OK to move on. I admire athletes. If they miss a shot they don’t go through the entire game focusing on that missed shot. They move on and take another shot. If things don’t go your way move on and try again.
  10. If money is stressing you out find out ways to make more and get out of debt. I write about side hustles and career changes in Five easy ways Black women can start a business or career for free.
  11. Declutter! Clutter can cause stress because its disorganized. We humans need order. It is why we create laws, systems and hierarchies. If we didn’t, we would’ve been dead thousands of years ago. If you can’t declutter, ask a friend or hire someone who can. There is freedom in organization.
  12. Plan out your day. When you know what is going to happen, life becomes less stressful. Here is a tip. Every night before you leave work take ten minutes to plan out your tasks for the next day. Leave a little room in your plan for the water cooler talk and emergencies.
  13. Knock out the easy stuff first and then work on the hard stuff. Let’s say you have a tough assignment at work. Instead of tackling the hard tasks, do the easy stuff first. Why? So you can take your time on the hard stuff. It gives you more time to get a task done right.
  14. Get negative people out of your life. Get rid of them! If you can’t, try limiting your time with them. All these people will do is dump their negativity on you and stress you out because you know they have no intentions of changing their life. Plus you aren’t an emotional dumping ground. Point them in the right direction and give them a number to professional counseling services.
  15. Embrace positive stress. What’s positive stress? Speaking in public, having a baby, being surprised at your surprise birthday party. Challenge yourself. Who doesn’t like that?
  16. Recognize your blessings. Your life is a gift. It is not guaranteed and there are millions who didn’t get the chance to see today. Appreciate it, tell the people you love you love them and live accordingly.

I hope these tips can de-stress your life. Do you have any tips?

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